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This page contains an archive of technical reports, projects, and thought leadership papers from the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology’s ELPP, as well as a list of some of our previous speakers. Download Sutardja Center report and slide templates here.

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Engineering Leadership Professional Program

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Spring 2018 Projects

Spring 2017 Projects

Fall 2016 Projects

Spring 2016 Projects

Fall 2015 Projects

Spring 2015 Projects

Fall 2014 Projects

Spring 2014 Projects

  • Wearable Sensors for Cardiac Rehabilitation (link)
  • Challenges and New Business Opportunities for Bitcoin (link)
  •  3D Printing (link)
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication for Enhanced Traffic Safety (link)
  • The Future of Online Higher Ed (link)
  • How Established Companies Can Leverage Lean Startup – Methodology for Sustaining and Disruptive Innovation, (link)
  • Antibody – Drug Coagulates – A Discriminating Approach to Chemotherapy, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)
  • The Road Into the Cloud, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)

Fall 2013 Projects

  • Critical Success Factors in Mergers & Acquisitions, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)
  • The US Postal Service, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)
  • Best Practices in Performance Management, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)
  • Human Genome Testing, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)
  • SaaS – Owning your data in the Cloud, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)
  • 3D Bio-Printing, Engineering Leadership White Paper (revised/link)
  • Affordable Care Act, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)
  • Internet Privacy, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)
  • Self-Driving Cars, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)

2012 Projects

  • Offshoring, Lessons from Engineering Leadership, Technical Brief
  • Brick and Mortar 2.0, Lessons from Engineering Leadership, white paper
  • Trends in Customer Loyalty Rewards Aggregation, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)
  • K-12 Education in 2020, Engineering Leadership White Paper (link)

Previous Speakers at ELPP

Ikhlaq Sidhu – Chief Scientist & Founding Director, SCET

Mike Olson – CSO & Board Chairman at Cloudera

Vic Kulkarni – Sr. VP & GM, RTL Power Business, Semiconductor BU & ANSYS

Jerry Fiddler – CEO & Principal, Zygote Ventures

Inder Sidhu – Former SVP Strategy & Planning, Cisco & Award Winning Writer

Don Proctor – SVP at Cisco

Charles Giancarlo – Board Director, Accenture

Keval Desai – Partner at InterWest

Nir Merry – VP & Head of Common Solutions Group at Applied Materials

Michael Grimes – Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

Michael Marks – Partner at Riverwood Capital

Margret Schmidt – VP Product Development & Chief Design Officer at TiVo

Peter Shiau – Consultant at Distributed Energy Startup

Ram Krishnan – Former VP Operations, InvenSense

Rich Redelfs – Chairman of the Board, ACCO & Cyphort

Steve Blank – Radio Show Host at Sirius XM Radio Inc, Lecturer at NYU, NIH and UCSF & Founder, E.Piphany

Cort Worthington – Lecturer at Haas School of Business

Bill Ruh – CEO & GE Digital and Chief Digital Officer at GE

Jose Plehn Dujowich – Chairman, Chief Data Officer, & Co-Founder at Powerlytics

Ken Hao – Managing Director at Silverlake Partners

Naeem Zafar – Industry Fellow at SCET and CEO, Telesense

Bjoern Hartmann – Professor (CS) at UC Berkeley

Holly Schroth – Senior Lecturer at Haas, UC Berkeley

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