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Join us at SCET where aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators take deep dives into the world of technology entrepreneurship and innovation. We offer courses each fall and spring semester on a range of topic areas that are relevant for today. From Deplastify the Planet to Alternative Meat to Innovating with 5G, AI, and Mobile, we reimagine the future. Check out some of the startups that were developed through our classes! See what's started here.

All students are welcome!

We welcome students from a diverse range of backgrounds because we believe diversity of skills, perspectives, interests, etc. help to create new ideas and can add value overall. As such, SCET classes are generally open to students from all majors at Berkeley and you don't have to have a technical background to take most SCET classes. Note that a few of our classes have an application or recommended prerequisites and most classes do have some seats reserved for various student populations. We do this to ensure an effective mix of students to meet the respective class objectives and we want to make sure that students find a good fit for their interests and goals. Refer to the Academic Guide for class details.

What will YOU do at SCET?

  • learn about tech innovation and entrepreneurship
  • learn from experts in their fields and from your classmates from across campus
  • address real-world problems through hands-on group projects
  • develop a portfolio of projects
  • build your network
  • learn how to start and grow your own startup
  • strengthen your transferable skills (leadership, communication, teamwork, etc.)
  • develop the mindsets and behaviors to become an innovative leader in whatever field you go into

How we teach

The Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship uses an inductive learning and journey-based approach are supported by three main elements: Mindsets, Networks and Frameworks. Innovation Engineering offers practical guidance useful in large firms, research labs, new ventures, or even innovative student projects. See our How We Teach page for more information.

SCET Courses

All SCET Courses are listed under INDENG. INDENG 95/195/295 and 192 are great courses for students getting started! Check out the links below to learn more about our classes. See our Challenge Lab and our Advanced Topics pages for previous offerings. All courses taught through SCET can also be used towards the SCET Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology.

All SCET courses can be applied towards the SCET Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology.

See our Certificate page for more information on the Certificate requirements.

See our Challenge Lab and our Advanced Topics pages for previous offerings.


Contact SCET Academic Program Manager Michelle Lee at for additional questions.