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The Pantas and Ting Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is the premier institution at UC Berkeley for the study and practice of entrepreneurship and technology innovation.

Our Mission

Empower Innovators to Positively Change the World

Our Beliefs

Mindsets and behaviors matter
Everyone can benefit from innovation training
Diversity adds value
Innovators should be responsible for what they create

The Sutardja Center, where entrepreneurship and technology collide

Since 2005, SCET has created the foundation of Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem including SkyDeck, the Fung Institute, the Engineering Leadership Professional Program, Global Venture Lab, and an extensive ecosystem of Silicon Valley and Global partners.

The Center is also known for developing the Berkeley Method, an internationally recognized approach to teaching technology entrepreneurship to undergraduates, innovation to Ph.D. students, and technology firm leadership to professionals and executives. As part of the Berkeley innovation ecosystem, the Sutardja Center also collaborates closely with the Jacob’s Institute for Design, the Haas Business School, and the CITRIS Foundry.

If you are interested in new ventures or innovation on the Berkeley campus or beyond,  SCET is the place to be. The Center is located within the College of Engineering of UC Berkeley, specifically the Department Industrial Engineering & Operations Research.

Networks of Global Academics
Network of Investors & Industry Partners

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Changing Education

Teaching how to learn directly from the world, without a guidebook and how to see what they have never seen before.

Changing the World

 Helping students to start new firms and develop new innovations as leaders within the world’s most cutting-edge companies.

Enabling New Industry

 Changing the world directly through our emerging industry area labs and projects that impact the creation of new industry.

To learn more about our purpose, read our article written by the SCET founder, Ikhlaq Sidhu.

"Although founding a company may not be the goal of every student, all of them will benefit from the ability to think like an entrepreneur: to strive for innovation, take risks, see value, rely on teams, learn from failure and question the status quo."

Professor Phil Kaminsky, Executive Associate Dean, UC Berkeley College of Engineering

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology celebrated its 10-year anniversary in April 2015 by announcing a generous gift from Berkeley Engineering grads Pantas Sutardja and Ting Chuk, which will allow for hundreds more students to invent products, start companies, and become industry innovators.

The global technology entrepreneurs also created a challenge grant to encourage matching donations to the Center.

“We are profoundly grateful to Pantas and Ting for investing in the aspirations of our students,” said S. Shankar Sastry, Dean and Carlson Professor of Engineering. “Their generosity will magnify the impact of our students’ career paths by fostering entrepreneurial practice and by translating technological expertise into marketplace innovation.”



Ikhlaq Sidhu opens the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology and begins offering a course to engineering undergraduates.


 Enrollment scales up to hundreds of undergraduates per year.


The Sutardja Center opens the Venture Lab, an incubator for student start-ups. The Venture Lab offers guidance and mentoring to Cal students on how to take an idea to market.


The Center launches the Global Venture Lab launches, bringing together entrepreneurship educators, researchers, and practitioners from worldwide institutions.


SCET launches the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership which integrates technical knowledge with management skills.


The Sutardja Center launches the Engineering Leadership Professional Program, a Silicon Valley offering that prepares top-performing engineers for executive roles.


The Center helps launch SkyDeck —one of the first research university startup accelerators —building on the Venture Lab’s model of fostering entrepreneurship through industry engagement.


SCET’s Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship gains international recognition as a successful model for teaching technology entrepreneurship.


The Sutardja Center is renamed the Pantas and Ting Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, recognizing the benefactors Pantas Sutardja and Ting Chuk.


The Center moves into its new home at the California Memorial Stadium.


The Center helps lead a new campus-wide initiative BEGIN  to better coordinate entrepreneurship resources on campus and to launch new labs.


SCET launches two new labs: The Berkeley Blockchain X-Lab and the Data-X Lab to help students, researchers, and industry connect to create new ventures using blockchain and artificial intelligence.


The Center receives Excellence in Entrepreneurship Teaching and Pedagogical Innovation Award at the 2019 Global Consortium for Entrepreneurship Centers conference.


The Center launches the Innovation-X program and Innovation-X Roundtables to create a future-looking forum that convenes experts to discuss the future of industry domains such as retail, education, journalism, and supply chain.