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The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) is the premiere institution at UC Berkeley for the study and practice of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to empower innovators to positively change the world. We believe in focusing on innovation that matters to create the biggest impact for our students, alumni, and society.

The Center educates more than 2,000 students per year from diverse majors across the UC Berkeley campus to help students learn how to have agency and create change. We help students develop growth mindsets to enable them to do anything they put their minds to. We value diversity in all that we do, and help students understand its value. And we help innovators act ethically, as we believe that they are responsible for what they create.

By donating to SCET you will help us enable more students to be empowered to positively change the world.


General Fund

By donating to our general fund you will allow SCET to put your resources where its most in need, whether this is helping us develop a new course, creating a new program to include students from across campus, developing new relationships with innovators around the world, or helping us develop more forums to enable entrepreneurs to focus on innovation that matters.


SCET Academic Programs

Our award-winning curriculum is designed to enable students to learn innovation by creating real venture projects working on relevant problems in industry today. We believe that you can’t learn entrepreneurship by reading a book or watching a lecture, but that you have to learn inductively by discovering patterns for yourself on how to create successful projects. By understanding your own relationship with failure, risk, trust, openness, and other factors, students can learn how to innovate and create valuable innovations for society. By supporting our SCET Academic Program fund, you will be supporting more students to have the chance to learn how they can be a changemaker in the world and bring their ideas to reality.


Alt.Meat Program

Our Alternative Meats Lab is a one-of-a-kind program that enables entrepreneurial students the chance to develop new ventures in the alternative protein space. Students learn how to design novel proteins that will be most suitable for this growing market, as well as the technical proficiencies and chemistry to make new plant-based meats ‘from scratch.’ By supporting this program, you will enable us to hire more students for our lab, and educate more students in our alternative meat courses. Alternative meats are a great example of innovation that matters, as they have the potential to improve health, climate change, and animal welfare.


Environmental Sustainability Fund

The Environmental Sustainability Fund is a current use fund for the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology within the College of Engineering and will be used to provide support of academic programs related to environmental sustainability such as Deplastify the Planet.

Wire Instructions Alternative

You may give by credit card by clicking the Donate buttons above. You may also donate through wire transfer by following these instructions. When donating via wire transfer, please email Jesse Dieker ( before completing the wire transaction to obtain your desired destination fund details to be included with the wiring information. This will ensure prompt allocation of your donation to the selected fund.


Contact Jesse Dieker ( for questions.