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Our professional programs help executives and industry leaders learn about the latest trends in technology innovation and how to make their companies more innovative.  Join us for our programs in Silicon Valley and at UC Berkeley to grow your entrepreneurial skills and mindset and help take your company to a new level.

Engineering Leadership Professional Program: In person, Online and NEW online ELPP Plus+)

This program builds on the core skills of technical managers, engineers, and scientists. It is focused on technology firm situations and is condensed into only 4 1/2 months. The ELPP program offers career building skills that solve real problems in technology firms specifically for engineering directors, lead architects, technical product managers, business development leads, CTO office members, and other key technical staff.

Engineering Leadership Professional Program (ELPP)
Ikhlaq Sidhu, Engineering Leadership Professional Program (ELPP)

"ELPP is a great way to gain multiple different perspectives outside of our core engineering worlds. It broadens ones horizons in a fun, fast paced program..."

Timothée, CEO of Seald

"The program allowed me to take a pause and focus on advancing my knowledge, innovative and leadership skillsets."
2019 ELPP Attendee

"It was amazing. My career took off and I've been afforded several great opportunities since."
— 2017 ELPP attendee

Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership Week


This program guides leaders to transform their organizations with new insights on strategy, disruptive technologies and creating innovative cultures. Responsible for leading your company's innovation? Interested in understanding disruptive technologies from the leaders? Help your company advance with new strategies, technologies, and a transformative framework now.

"The course was excellent; it was perfect to share our experiences and knowledge from different backgrounds and realities."

— General Manager, Sodimac Chile

“The lessons you learn in SVIL are organizational changing.”

— CEO Latin America retailer

“It was a fantastic week.”

— VP of Innovation, Volvo Penta

UpSkilling @ UC Berkeley: Data-X

Today's companies require employees with the latest data science skills to gain insight on their customers, operations, and growth through their data.

Join our instructor-led, professional-only track, guided by Berkeley faculty and industry experts.

Unique among data science courses in that Data-X includes a mentored project, allowing participants to apply course learnings to real data sets and create novel data insights and innovation solutions.

Ideal for a range of professionals - from those with limited programming backgrounds to those seeking a “refresh” of their data science skills or deeper, “hands-on” exposure to the latest industry tools and libraries in use today and “applied innovation” practice.

Take your career to the next level and move your firm's digital transformation forward.

Featured Projects

COVID-19 Predictor

The COVID-19 Predictor spreads awareness of the severity of coronavirus by allowing users to estimate the total infected in their region in the near future. This is accomplished by allowing the user to choose their country and how far into the future they want to see, then fitting the growth rate of their region to an exponential function, and delivering an estimate of the number of infected in that region.

Beyond EVs: Electric Vehicle Data Analysis

The automotive industry is undergoing an electric revolution, as the world embraces the next generation of sustainable transportation. However, the availability of reliable electrical infrastructure is a major constraint for mainstream EV adoption. The UC Berkeley student team performed exploratory data analysis to figure out what variables were indicative of EV adoption rates year over year and used this data to train several statistical forecasting models, including linear regression and ARIMA.

More Sutardja Center Programs

Contact the Center's leadership  to learn more. These programs can be conducted at your location for 30 to 100 participants with the Center's Berkeley Certificate.

Blockchain-X Certificate

3 Days

Blockchain with Financial Applications

3 Days

EQ Driven Technology Disruption Certificate

3 Days

Large Scale Agile Innovation Methods Certificate

2 Days

Collaboration Partners

  • Applied Innovation Institute, Singapore
  • Blockchain at Berkeley
  • Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Beijing, Shenzhen, NY
  • Jinming Hu, Visitng Scholar & Affiliated Partner
  • John Clements, Manila/Asia
  • Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, Shenzhen and SV
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • iR360 Group Ltd, Hong Kong
  • Tsing Hang, Beijing
  • Venturenix, Hong Kong


Contact Victoria Howell ( for more information about executive programs and X-Labs.