About the Program

UC Berkeley’s internationally renowned Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SCET) hosts this week-long in-person program in partnership with leading global institutions.  The program guides rising innovation leaders to transform their organizations with proven strategies; cutting edge research and insights; and best-in-class advice for creating more innovative cultures to capitalize on emerging tech developments.

Jump ahead with the Berkeley Method, taking you on a journey both metaphorical and literal, to enhance your growth mindset, learn new innovation frameworks, and expand your ecosystem through industry mentors, iconic academic and industry speakers and peers from around the globe.

One Week In-Person Program

Discover What's Next

Built on a decade of SCET innovation leadership education, this immersive program specializes in developing the mindsets of technology professionals to be more innovative and future-focused, while helping them understand, manage, and prepare for emerging technologies that will affect their business.

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for professionals concerned about sustainable innovation and emerging technology in their marketplace, including:

  • Managers looking to optimize their innovation mindset
  • Professionals and business owners looking to deliver cutting-edge innovation
  • Personal investors focused on tech sector opportunities
  • Executive business candidates
  • Government professionals responsible for promoting innovation among their constituents

“I will highly recommend the program for anyone who’s willing to: 1. Gain knowledge of emerging tech, investment and economic trends in Silicon Valley. 2. Find a tech partner for their business strategy. 3. Network with a group of international entrepreneurs, investors, professors and business professionals.”
– 2022 Participant, Business Owner from Asia Pacific
“It has extended my mindset and and also improved my professional network. The most valuable [thing to me] was the close access to all the speakers and individual discussions.”
– 2022 Participant, Business Development Director, Education Institution from Europe
“The program was amazing and beyond what I expected. The curriculum is very well structured with academic, industry and investment professionals. It offered a good mix of knowledge in big global picture, industry developments, capital prospective and pitch/communication skills.”
– 2022 Participant, Business Leader from Asia Pacific

Key Takeaways

Sample Certificate of Completion
Sample Certificate of Completion
UCB Professor Grace Gu sharing bio-engineering advances in her lab.
UCB Professor Grace Gu sharing bio-engineering advances in her lab.
Pure Storage CEO with Participant.
Pure Storage CEO with Participant.
Experiencing the CRISPR Lab.
Experiencing the CRISPR Lab.

Certificate in Innovation Leadership

Certificates are awarded by UC Berkeley College of Engineering on completion of program.

Cutting Edge Tech Insights

Learn about commercializing emerging tech from award winning faculty and industry pioneers in AI/ML; Robotics; Energy; Sustainability, Web 3.0 and Biotech.

Enriched Innovation Ecosystem

Engage with dynamic professionals, research leads, world class in
novation mentors and C-Suite executives in Silicon Valley.

Enhanced Mindset and Leadership Skills

Practice ideation, innovation, business and teambuilding with personalized feedback from deeply experienced coaches as you develop/pitch a capstone project.

Visits to Napa & World Class Tech Organizations

Visit Napa and SV companies. Plus VIP access to DeCode Conference (11/4 and 11/5)