Alt: Meat Lab

Where Research Meets Application

Collider Labs focus on understanding and inventing new technologies, identifying and solving societal problems, and developing industry areas that will change the world. Our labs contribute pure research, but their main focus is to build teams of diverse experts that develop publications, new technologies, business models, and new ventures. Our labs are at the most applied edge of the spectrum of all university research.

Alt: Meat Lab

The Alt: Meat Lab is a hub connecting students, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry leaders interested in creating the plant-based food of the future. Led by Dr. Ricardo San Martin, the Alt: Meat Lab works in conjunction with—but ultimately independent from—various partners on projects that put the Alt: Meat Lab on the front lines of our changing culinary landscape.

Disaster Lab

The Disaster Lab supports the development, demonstration, and deployment of innovative technologies that solve the biggest problems the world faces today.

Neurotech Collider Lab

The Neurotech Collider Lab is an interdisciplinary applied innovation lab that supports innovators, academics, students, engineers and others to create next-generation neurotech solutions for the benefit of society.