Course Description

This experiential learning course, designed for upper-level undergraduates & graduate students, introduces key entrepreneurial concepts relevant to the high-technology world. Students are guided through how to take ideas to real products and start companies. Topics include the entrepreneurial process, customer discovery process, conducting market research, funding, entrepreneurial finance and creation of the material for investors. Students undertake intensive study of actual business situations through case studies, lectures and class discussions. Several guest speakers (entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers) are invited to speak to the class throughout the semester. The final outcome will be an executive summary of the business plan and a presentations to a panel of investors (VCs).


Introducing Tech Entrepreneurship

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Naeem Zafar

Naeem is a serial entrepreneur, having started his own business at the age of 26 and going on to start or work at six startups. He has extensive experience in mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and founders. Naeem is currently the founder and CEO of TeleSense in the IoT space and has served as president and CEO of multiple tech startups. He has been teaching at Berkeley-Haas since 2005 and at Berkeley College of Engineering since 2013. He is also a Professor of the Practice at Brown University Engineering. Naeem has also held senior marketing and engineering positions at several companies and has authored a number of books. Naeem was the founding president of Brown Club of Silicon Valley, he is a charter member of TiE and the Board Chairman of OPEN SV. He is on the Aspen Institute NAPEO board and works extensively with the US State Department on promoting entrepreneurship throughout the world. Naeem has served as an advisor or as a board member to over 35 startups.