Course Description

This course explores key entrepreneurial concepts relevant to the high-technology world. Topics include the entrepreneurial perspective, start-up strategies, business idea evaluation, business plan writing, introduction to entrepreneurial finance and venture capital, managing growth, and delivering innovative products. This course prepares technical and business minded students for careers focused on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and high technology. Students undertake intensive study of actual business situations through rigorous case-study analysis. This course can not be used to fulfill any engineering requirement (engineering units, courses, technical electives, or otherwise).

This experiential learning course, designed for upper-level undergraduates & graduate students, introduces key entrepreneurial concepts relevant to the high-technology world. Students are guided through how to take ideas to real products and start companies. Topics include the entrepreneurial process, customer discovery process, conducting market research, funding, entrepreneurial finance and creation of the material for investors. Students undertake intensive study of actual business situations through case studies, lectures and class discussions. Several guest speakers (entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers) are invited to speak to the class throughout the semester. The final outcome will be an executive summary of the business plan and a presentations to a panel of investors (VCs).


Introducing Tech Entrepreneurship

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Naeem Zafar

Naeem Zafar has been teaching entrepreneurship and innovation for over 15-years. He is a faculty member at the University of California Berkeley and also at the Northeastern University. He has taught at multiple other universities (Santa Clara University, Brown University, Ozyegin University and LUMS). He is a frequent speaker at conferences and advises entrepreneurs all over the world. Naeem is a serial entrepreneur and serves as the founder & CEO of TeleSense, an IoT company creating real-time wireless sensing and predictive analytics solutions for the stored grain industry. He is deeply ingrained in the Silicon Valley ecosystem and frequently speaks about innovation and entrepreneurship. Naeem has been advisor to and invested in over 20 companies (recent exits include Luminar (IPO in 2020) and Electriphi bought by Ford in 2021). Naeem has authored five books on entrepreneurship. He has a graduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota and one from Brown University.

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