Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology 

Certificate Track Requirements

Students must complete all requirements in one of the tracks below to earn the Certificate.

Coursework Track

Startup Track

Summer Abroad Track

Richard Newton Lecture Series (INDENG 95/195/295)


5 additional units from the Approved Course List


Richard Newton Lecture Series (INDENG 95/195/295)


4 additional units from the Approved Course List


Participation in one of:

  • Berkeley SkyDeck
  • LeaderShape Institute Program
  • Applied Innovation Institute (formerly BMIC)
  • Internship at a startup

Verification of participation required to be submitted with Certificate Completion Application. Participation must be done during your UC Berkeley academic career.

Approved Course List

Approved Courses | Taught by SCET

(Note: Course must be taught through SCET in order to count towards the certificate. Eligibility will be indicated in the class description in the class schedule. Multiple sections of a course may count towards the requirements if the topic is unique. Click on the course numbers below to view general course descriptions.)

See our Spring 2020 courses page for details on our Spring 2020 course offerings.

INDENG 95/195/295  The A. Richard Newton Lecture Series (1 unit)

INDENG 135/235  Applied Data Science with Venture Applications/Data, Systems and Signals (3 units)

INDENG 171  Technology Firm Leadership (3 units)

INDENG 185  Challenge Lab (4 units)

INDENG 186  Product Management (3 units)

INDENG 190B  Finance for Entrepreneurs (2 units)

INDENG 190C  Adv Topics in IEOR (Collider Sprints) (1 unit applies towards E&T)

INDENG 190E  Adv Topics in IEOR: Entrepreneurship & Innovation (1-4 units)

INDENG 190G  Startup Semester: Introduction to Silicon Valley (1 unit)

INDENG 191  Technology Entrepreneurship (3 units)

INDENG 192  Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (2 units)

INDENG 198  SCET DeCal (1-4 units)

INDENG 290  Special Topics in IEOR (2-3 units)

Approved Courses | Taught outside of SCET

(Note: Course must be the topic listed below in order to count towards the certificate. Click on the course numbers below to view general course descriptions.)

COMPSCI 198  Blockchain Fundamentals (1 unit apply towards E&T)

COMPSCI 294-84  Integrated Device Design (2 units apply towards E&T)

COMPSCI 294-85  Critical Making (2 units apply towards E&T)

ENGIN 120  Principles of Engineering Economics (1 unit applies towards E&T)

IAS 150  Social Innovator On Ramp (2 units apply towards E&T)

INDENG 170  Industrial Design and Human Factors (2 units apply towards E&T)

MBA 295T.2  Lean Transfer (2 units apply towards E&T)

MECENG 110  Introduction to Product Development (2 unit applies towards E&T)

SOCIOL 121  Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Social and Cultural Context (2 units apply towards E&T)

UGBA 105  Leading People (1 unit applies towards E&T)

UGBA 190T  Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs (1 unit applies towards E&T)

Certificate Completion

To earn the Certificate, the Certificate Completion Application must be submitted by the last day of the semester in which all requirements will be complete. Note that you must upload your transcript to the application, and SCET staff will verify grades after they have posted.

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact SCET Academic Program Manager Michelle Lee at lee.2293@berkeley.edu for additional questions.