Product Management

INDENG 186 (3 units)

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Class Description

Product Managers play an increasingly critical role in modern technology companies. They are charged with ensuring an organization is laser focused on creating valuable and highly usable products and services, to address pain-points and unmet-needs for their target customers. In this course, students will learn essential Product Management skills by putting theory into practice, on a product or idea of your choosing. You will learn techniques to accelerate product success and avoid common mistakes. You will work in a team comprising of students from engineering, design, business and other backgrounds. This will simulate real-world cross-functional environments where people with different skills collaborate to build a successful product.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Experience a live development of a product within the context of a product development process
  • Learn common methods used in product management
  • Gain experience needed to work as product managers in real life environments.


Students from all majors, both undergraduate and graduate are welcome and encouraged. This course is recommended for any student who wants to explore life as a Product Manager, may work in a related field closely with Product Managers, or is interested in exploring a career that spans many aspects of business and technology.

Instructor Permission is required to enroll in this course by completing the application survey. You will be placed on the waitlist until admitted to the class. All interested students will be considered regardless of enrollment status. View the Enrollment FAQs below for more information.


Derek S. Chan enjoys learning from and empowering people through education, technology innovation, and theater arts. His Artificial Intelligence (AI) teams and products have helped companies reach their highest-ever customer satisfaction and/or revenue growth, plus #1 AP Automation 2020-21 and the IT World Award 2018. He was AI Product Director at and now explores greater personal challenge and meaning through his own startup. He is an invited speaker at AI conferences, and an alum of UC Berkeley’s Master of Information and Data Science program, co-receiving the Hal R. Varian Award followed by an informal Google partnership.

Ken Sandy is a technology Product Management veteran based in San Francisco Bay Area. He has led Product Management teams at an executive level at both fast-growth, early-stage companies, and for larger companies attempting digital transformations amidst industry disruption. Ken was Vice President, Product at Masterclass – transforming online education by enabling anyone in the world to learn from the very best – and Vice President, Product at – a premier online learning company acquired by LinkedIn. Prior, he worked for companies developing content and advertising platforms for independent publishers, startups creating mobile messaging and social networking solutions, and led business units based in the US and China. Ken is an Industry Fellow and Lecturer at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at University of California, Berkeley, and is an alumnus of University of Melbourne.

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