Takeaways from Innovation-X Roundtable: Reevaluating the Supply Chain

By Suyash Jaju | September 25, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially disrupted the global supply chain. Within a matter of months, the transportation, logistics, and manufacturing industries have gone through rapid and accelerated transformation. New questions and opportunities are now coming up for the future of the supply chain. How has the role of the supply chain evolved in the current…

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Shomit Ghose’s Inaugural Best of SCET Berkeley Talk-Crisis as a Catalyst

By Mallika Luthar | September 22, 2020
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Ikhlaq Sidhu on how COVID-19 will affect the business world

By Suyash Jaju | September 14, 2020
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Amid COVID-19, the Alt: Meat Lab continues its research

By Farhan Hossain | August 11, 2020
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Takeaways from Innovation-X Roundtable 2: Reimagining Education

By Suyash Jaju | July 31, 2020
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A Global Statistician’s Love for Lily Seeds Turns Entrepreneurial!

By Devanshi Rathi | July 29, 2020

For Mallika Chawla, entrepreneurship was not something that came by nature. She was a trained economist and statistician obtaining her master’s degree from the University of Cambridge, which she followed up by working in a high-profiled role at Goldman Sachs in Singapore. However, her tryst with entrepreneurship began when she moved to Silicon Valley, the…

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BOOST: How 5 UC Berkeley Students Created a Test to Improve Your Well-being

By Kian Talaei | April 24, 2020

Can a test be used to assess one’s well-being? Five master of engineering students have used modern machine learning tools and psychological practices to create a new tool called BOOST to assess one’s well-being, and make personalized suggestions for improving it. The journey began when the students met in the program and found that they…

Take our GRIT survey: Data-X students create Berkeley Index for Tenacity (BIT)

By Ella Jensen | April 23, 2020

“Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.” Samuel Johnson A famous quote by Samuel Johnson explains how perseverance is a better indicator of success than any other strength. A team of students in SCET’s Data-X course developed an index to quantify grit and recently launched a preliminary survey to the public.  Over…

Crisis as Catalyst: The COVID-19 Impact on Innovation

By Shomit Ghose | April 21, 2020

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash Quarantine Angst What does the jet engine have in common with penicillin, the world’s first antibiotic? Both, as it turns out, were born in 1928, but it took the crisis of the Second World War for either to be brought into the mainstream and deployed. The war’s stresses also…

Finnish Students Reallocate Millions of COVID-19 Health Supplies

By Kyle Giffin | April 21, 2020

Most everyone has likely been told some variation of the same thing during this pandemic: “the only thing you can do is stay inside, stay sanitary, and take care of yourself.” While this is true for the majority of people, there is a certain type of entrepreneur that thrives under conditions of uncertainty. After studying…

Berkeley Innovation Podcast: Tech Uncovered – Student Startup

By Ella Jensen | April 20, 2020

Berkeley Startups Use Blockchain to Accelerate COVID-19 Response

By Kyle Giffin | April 16, 2020

Pressure on the private sector is increasing day by day as the demand for technology-based solutions to reduce the spread of the virus rises. A multitude of challenges remain for society in regards to testing and tracking the disease as well as getting people back to work. Time is of the essence.  Fortunately, a variety…

Wisconsin Primary Elections Illuminate Need for Innovative Voting Practices

By Mallika Luthar | April 14, 2020

Lines of people stood outside polling stations in Wisconsin last Tuesday. There seemed to be a heaviness in the air, as the crowd of people in masks and gloves contemplated whether exercising their civil liberties was worth risking their health as well.  This past week, the state of Wisconsin decided to go ahead with in-person…

Cal Students Launch Resource 19 to Connect Creators with Hospitals in Need

By Connor Smith | April 14, 2020

Healthcare workers across the globe are facing dire shortages of critical equipment needed to treat the coronavirus. Each day, news outlets show images of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals struggling with inadequate or non-existent PPE (personal protective equipment). The public is left at home wondering what can be done to help. With 49 states…


SCET’s Collider Cup is one month away! Watch teams compete for $100,000 in seed funding from the Intuitive Foundation

By Mahira Dayal | April 13, 2020

On your mark, get set, go! We’re a month away from our flagship Collider Cup VI — one of the biggest student entrepreneurship events at UC Berkeley. This semester, we’re excited to introduce a brand new virtual format in which teams, judges, mentors and guests will be able to participate online.  The event will be…

Berkeley Innovation Podcast: Tech Leadership with Rachel Williams of X The Moonshot Factory at Google Alphabet

By Ella Jensen | April 12, 2020

Berkeley Innovation Podcast: Ken Sandy, Product Management Essentials

By Mahira Dayal | April 10, 2020

Foundercast: Quokka Brew Cofounders Ofek Arush & George Passantino

By Ella Jensen | April 9, 2020

SCET launches COVID-RX program to help companies adapt

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | April 6, 2020

The University of California, Berkeley, one of the world’s premier public universities and worldwide center for innovation, is taking a leading role in response to the COVID-19 health crisis and is convening industry and its vast internal expertise to launch real time initiatives to help firms accelerate and adapt to the new environment. With its…

SCET global community sends thousands of masks to Bay Area

By Ella Jensen | April 3, 2020

NC Wong, Hong Kong Baptist University alumnus and member of the SCET global community, sent 3000 surgical masks to Bay Area hospitals when he learned they were in need. NC originally reached out SCET Industry Fellow Gigi Wang asking if the Bay Area was in need. He then sent the 3,000 masks by overnight FedEx.…

Startup Semester students share highlights from their experiences at the Sutardja Center

By Ella Jensen | April 2, 2020

As part of the Startup Semester study abroad program, students from around the world are learning about about entrepreneurship and technology while growing their global networks. We heard from Anushka, Johannes, Jaideep, and Anant about their favorite aspects of the Startup Semester program. Keep an eye out for other upcoming student features! Anushka Purohit, Hong…

Berkeley Innovation Podcast: Alec Willerman, Best Course Coordinator Award SCET Fall 2019

By Ella Jensen | April 2, 2020

Should Social Media Be More Rewarding? Sapien Thinks So

By Kyle Giffin | April 1, 2020

Inspired by an idea, two friends met at Free Speech Movement Cafe, busted out their laptops, and started coding. A Sublime tab was all it took to get started. “At the time, we were just two college kids just frustrated with the state of social networks,” Bhatia said. “We thought to ourselves, you know, there’s…

Corporate Innovation: Five Lessons from Star Wars

By Shomit Ghose | March 31, 2020

By Shomit Ghose | March 31, 2020 Star Wars: mind-candy entertainment or a set of essential teachings for business leaders?  Happily, it’s both.  The sci-fi series is a great illustration of the entrepreneurial journey, while also illustrating (who knew?) academically-proven best practices for achieving business success.  The case for binge-watching Star Wars is particularly apt in today’s corporate…

What Happens Next: A Roadmap to Life, Work, and Society after Coronavirus

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | March 31, 2020

Since January of 2020, the world has been watching the unfolding of the Covid-19 pandemic. It started with a few isolated cases in regions of the world that seemed far away. With relentless transmission, cases started to jump around the world. The infection has now reached just about every community on the planet leading to a current…

“Pandemics necessitate innovation:” Dr. Renee Wurth on COVID-19

By Ella Jensen | March 19, 2020

Pandemics necessitate innovation and this is the time to act, says Dr. Renee Wurth, a population health scientist who spoke at SCET’s first remote Richard A. Newton Lecture Series on Tuesday night.  Dr. Wurth believes that although the world is in the midst of a global pandemic, this is a time to stay positive and…

Cal Student Team Creates Coronavirus Tracking App

By Kyle Giffin | March 18, 2020

It has been just over a month since the virus has hit the globe, and much, if not everything, has changed. The Covid-19 infection has brought with it an equally viral undertone of psychological unease. People are anxious around others, and rightfully so. This pandemic is unique in that it has occurred in the most hyper-connected…

An inside look LBNL’s Molecular Foundry with Startup Semester students

By Jaideep Cherukuri | March 18, 2020

Sports Tech Inspires Elijah Hicks ‘Intercept Poverty’ Foundation

By Kyle Giffin | March 18, 2020

“Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.” Junior Elijah Hicks always remembers this quote. He’s worked hard for several years to get to the point where he is now; soon he will eligible to get drafted to the NFL. However, Hicks knows that his status as a student-athlete was the main reason he was able to…

How SCET is moving its largest class online

By Keith McAleer | March 17, 2020

The A. Richard Newton Lecture Series has long been one of SCET’s most important courses for helping to educate and train entrepreneurs at the University of California, Berkeley. Since 2005, the Series has hosted some of the world’s most influential founders, innovators and visionaries to tell the story of how they created a disruptive startup,…

Coronavirus as a Learning Moment: How to Adapt in the Face of Rapid Change

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | March 11, 2020

A lot is going on in the world, particularly with the new Coronavirus. And, yes, this is a large concern for many people and firms around the world. Our programs at Berkeley are similarly impacted.  Last week, upon concerns for students and guests, we offered our Innovating 5G/AI class session over Zoom video conferencing for the first time. This week,…

The Overlooked Benefits of a Fixed Mindset

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | March 5, 2020

There has been a lot of discussion about the value of growth mindset. If you have not heard about this, it means that you believe you can grow, learn, and do anything novel. Individuals with a growth mindset are not concerned about defining themselves. Instead, they focus on the challenge at hand or the skill…

“From Patient to Impatient Entrepreneur”: Surbhi Sarna on her journey to entrepreneurship

By Ella Jensen | March 5, 2020

Surbhi Sarna, whose startup nVision Medical was acquired by Boston Scientific for $275 million, shared her journey from “patient to impatient entrepreneur” at SCET’s A. Richard Newton Lecture Series last Tuesday. Sarna’s talk was full of pointed, specific advice for college students and budding entrepreneurs.  At the age of 13, when Sarna experienced the fear…

5 Stages of Innovation

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | February 27, 2020

There are many famous frameworks ranging from McKinsey’s Three Horizons Model to the various types of innovation (e.g. disruptive, radical, incremental, etc.) and many more. Conceptually, they are all great. However, from a real life perspective, they tend to be more descriptive and less prescriptive. This means it’s helpful if all you want to do…

SCET awards $50,000 in grants to support innovation and changemakers on campus

By Keith McAleer | February 19, 2020

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at the University of California, Berkeley has just awarded $50,000 to three UC Berkeley courses to support innovation on campus and build new connections to share pedagogy best practices. The Instructional Innovation Grants will help SCET share insights learned from its award-winning Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship curriculum, including…

From SCET Leadership class to TEDx stage

By Mahira Dayal | February 19, 2020

A former Startup Semester student was recently featured as a TEDx speaker for Insper, São Paulo, Brazil. Igor Marinelli, who was a student in Dr. Pamela Park’s Tech Firm Leadership (INDENG 171) course last fall, took the skills he learnt in class to the stage. Unlike in other classes, Tech Firm Leadership students were tasked…