SCET Director Highlights Value of International Education and Entrepreneurial Skills at CACIE in Beijing

During the conference, David Law introduced SCET's programs, presented the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, and emphasized the importance of global competitiveness in the job market.


November 7, 2023


David Law and Susan Giesecke at CACIE in Beijing
David Law and Carol Carmody at CACIE in Beijing, China on October 27, 2023.

David Law, SCET’s Director of Global Academic Programs, attended the China Annual Conference for International Education (CACIE) in Beijing, China. David was hosted by the Study Abroad Foundation (SAF) and served as a panelist at SAF’s “Forum on Enhancing Institutional Disciplinary Strengths Through International Student Mobility”.

David introduced SCET and the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (BMOE) in the context of international student exchange. SCET’s Startup Semester and Summer Venture Lab programs, leveraging BMOE, provide students a unique opportunity to engage with multidisciplinary teams in a highly experiential learning environment. Visiting international students have the opportunity to work alongside Berkeley degree-seeking students from over 50 majors. This integration also enhances the learning experience for Cal students by building intercultural competencies and global perspectives.

The forum also addressed some of the challenges faced by international visitors and university hosts. Top of mind for most institutions and students is global competitiveness in the job market.

David had the opportunity to share Berkeley’s recognition that entrepreneurial skills are universally valuable in today’s employment market and how SCET is preparing students not only as startup founders but also as innovative leaders at established companies, family businesses or government agencies.

A big thank you to Carol Carmody, Sr. Associate Vice President at SAF, and to Tracey Tao, Asst Vice President, SAF China for organizing the forum. SCET recognizes the value of SAF services and looks forward to continued collaboration on student abroad opportunities.