Startup Semester students among winning teams in Google Developer Student Club Solution Challenge 2020

By Keith McAleer | July 1, 2020

Three students from the Spring 2020 cohort of SCET’s Startup Semester program were among the winning teams of the Google’s Developer Student Club’s Solution Challenge 2020. The goal of the challenge was to “use technology to solve a local problem together with community.” Submissions were accepted from more than 60 countries and 800 universities around…

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SCET Launches New Global Online Courses in Leadership and Data for Professionals

By Jocelyn Weber Phipps | June 23, 2020

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at the University of California, Berkeley now has two new offerings for professionals and researchers around the world – Data-X Live, Online & Engineering Leadership Global. Data-X Live, Online: Develop new skills in this applied data science course Data-X has been a highly popular course at UC Berkeley…

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Reduce, Reuse, ‘Upcycle’!

By Suyash Jaju | June 23, 2020

Ideas that have the potential to make an enormous positive impact come by once in a lifetime…unless you’re a part of the ‘Deplastify the Planet’ Challenge Lab at UC Berkeley! Read about Team Upcycle’s journey of working with Method and Whole Foods, and learn how they stumbled upon a solution to develop affordable, fully compostable…

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Startup Semester student Johannes studied six weeks in Berkeley and founded a startup in Hawaii

By Tommy Byman | June 10, 2020
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SCET celebrates the outgoing Spring 2020 Startup Semester cohort

By Mahira Dayal | May 15, 2020

We were proud to honor our outgoing cohort of Startup Semester students at their graduation ceremony, held on Friday, May 8, 2020. Our Spring 2020 cohort features 18 students, hailing from 5 different countries. The event highlighted short speeches by three participants — Anushka Purohit, Anupam Tiwari and Anant Mishra — who reflected on their classes, Startup…

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COVID-19 is the biggest driver of digital transformation yet

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | May 14, 2020
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Newton Lecture Series: Caviar

By Jay | April 28, 2015

They are not only colleagues and partners, but also friends. Richard Din (’08), Shawn Tsao (’11), Jason Wang (’09) and Andy Zhang (’14), came back to Cal as founders of the restaurant delivery platform Caviar. Last Tuesday, they sat on the Sibley Auditorium stage to share their experience of running a startup that has been…

Newton Lecture Series: Kathleen Glaub

By Jay | April 21, 2015

“I’m glad to be back,” said Kathy Glaub as soon as she stepped on stage. Glaub is the CEO of Afferent Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. “Cal is the best university in the world,” she added. And she has gone to many universities; “I know a little about this,” she said. The advisor and investor…

Travel Hackathon

By Jay | April 21, 2015

The students of Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) teamed up with HEC Paris at Berkeley to present the first international Travel Hackathon on April 11. Students collaborated in teams to develop solutions to the hassles that everyone experiences while traveling. The event was co-hosted by ITS and HEC Paris. Luke Kim, Arjun Ghai,…

Gift from Pantas Sutardja and Ting Chuk Renames the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology

By Jay | April 21, 2015

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at Berkeley Engineering celebrated its 10-year anniversary on April 21, 2015 by announcing a generous gift from Pantas Sutardja and Ting Chuk. The endowment will help hundreds more students invent products, start companies, and chart their course as industry innovators. The benefactors, both graduates of Berkeley Engineering, have initiated…

The Future of Entrepreneurship at Berkeley

By Jay | April 20, 2015

You may recall that we will be sharing some news about the growth and future of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at Berkeley today. Our Dean, Shankar Sastry, will make an announcement at the A. Richard Newton Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series. We would like to invite you to watch this announcement at the beginning of the lecture on Tuesday,…

Creating Startups in Berkeley Engineering with Lean Launchpad

By Jay | April 19, 2015

Steve Blank, along with EECS Professor Kurt Keutzer, will offer this course in fall with the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.  The program also fulfills the requirements of a Collider Project and counts towards Management of Technology Innovation Certificate Program for Graduate Students and Undergraduate Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship & Technology Creating Startups in Berkeley Engineering…

Amazon Collider Event on April 23rd

By Jay | April 15, 2015

Are you interested in working at Amazon? On April 23rd at 6PM in Banatao Auditorium, Amazon Logistics will offer a CET Collider Project that focuses on challenges they are tackling while growing Amazon’s delivery capability .  This event will offer an insightful lecture on how Amazon’s Supply/Delivery Chain works today (read more about Amazon Logistics here). We invite…

Join CET at Cal Day on April 18th

By Jay | April 9, 2015

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology will be holding events in McLaughlin Hall for the Cal Day festivities on April 18th, 2015. These sessions will be perfect for prospective students to learn more about CET, the student association, and Venture Lab from current students. Below is the list of events and their respective times, locations,…

Inside the Mind of Angel Investors: Why Angel Investors Want to Invest in Your Start-up

By Jay | April 9, 2015

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET) and The Foundry@CITRIS are hosting David Koehn, the founder of The Batchery — a new accelerator in Berkeley — for a talk and panel discussion on angel investors, e.g., how to meet angels, how to pitch to them, what they’re looking for, etc. David will be joined by several prominent investor/advisors from The Batchery to round…

Call for Industry Advisors and Collider Projects

By Jay | April 7, 2015

Calling for for Venture Capital Firms, EIRs, Industry Experts, and Entrepreneurs:  Do you want to Pay-it-Forward while adding value to a project you’re leading, introducing your project to experts at SCET | UC Berkeley to help build teams, and meeting highly skilled students on campus, while contributing to the thought leadership at UC Berkeley? The…

Newton Lecture Series: Darian Shirazi

By Jay | April 7, 2015

When he was 15, his parents used to drive him to work. He was a programmer at eBay. By then, Darian Shirazi had already discovered his salesman spirit and was managing his own small business from home, reselling electronic imported products in the U.S. He earned enough money to buy a car. Shirazi, who is…

In February, Sidhu participated in the 2015 Innovative Development through Entrepreneurship Accelerator (IDEA) Symposium and Workshop, in Cebu City

New collaboration at the Center will help Philippine universities develop their unique method of entrepreneurship

By Jay | April 6, 2015

The Berkeley Method has travelled to the Philippines thanks to a new program between the Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology and the Philippine Development Foundation.

My Startup Failed

By Jay | March 30, 2015

Lessons learned from a first-time founder in the startup trenches by Jason Huertas “Hi, I’m Jason from Critica.” That is how I introduced myself for the past year and a half. My startup was my identity. And now it is no more. My first startup failed. As a founder, and especially as the CEO, that…

Barclays and Techstars Looking for Startups for their New York Accelerator

By Jay | March 26, 2015

Building on the momentum of their London program, Barclays and Techstars are so excited to be bringing their flagship fintech accelerator to New York City. The 13 week program kicks off in July 2015 and offers intensive mentoring, investment of up to $120K per selected company, and unprecedented access to the resources of a world…

Newton Lecture Series: Vinod Dham

By Jay | March 26, 2015

  Vinod Dham, known internationally as the “Father of the Pentium Chip,” was this week’s speaker at the Newton Lecture Series, where he discussed his experience in the business and entrepreneurial worlds, his steps in the technology industry, and his thoughts about the future. Dham, who believes that “it takes about 10 years to be…

Berkeley Graduate and Five Labs Co-Founder Launches New App

By Jay | March 26, 2015

Nikita Bier co-founded the consumer technology startup, Five, through the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology while a student at Berkeley. Although he graduated in 2012, Bier has just developed his latest iPhone app, Five. Five is a virtual Berkeley hang out where students can meet and chat. His previous app, Politify, which won the 2012 CITRIS innovation contest,…

Cornerstone Research Case Competition

By Jay | March 20, 2015

UC Berkeley’s Delta Sigma Pi is helping host the 2015 Cornerstone Research Case Competition. Participating in the competition is a great way for students to explore economic and financial consulting, interact with Cornerstone’s consultants, and compete for prizes. Each team will act as consultants, providing advice to attorneys involved in complex litigation and regulatory proceedings.…

Launch Your New Venture in Silicon Valley

By Jay | March 20, 2015

Whether you are interested in learning more about new venture creation or already have an idea with a team in place and are ready for the next step, the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (BMoE) Bootcamp is for you. This four-day opportunity enables extensive learning, mentoring resources, successful new venture creation, and a one-of-a-kind experience on…

Communicate with CET

By Jay | March 20, 2015

2015 marks a great milestone for CET as we will celebrate our 10th year at UC Berkeley in entrepreneurial programming and training for the wider campus community.  Over the years, we have seen our excellence grow each year in expanded educational programs, newly created startup ventures, and now a stellar list of successful alumni working in…

Newton Lecture Series: Dean Drako

Newton Lecture Series: Dean Drako

By Jay | March 13, 2015

“How many of you are interested in starting a company?” Dean Drako asked the audience filling the auditorium. From diverse programs, countries and cultures, most of the students raised their hands, and the lecture started. This was the beginning of the Newton Lecture Series, where Drako, who is currently cofounder, president and CEO of Eagle…

Newton Series of the week: John Doerr

By Jay | February 25, 2015

The famed venture capitalist’s lecture included how to recognize “The Next Big Thing,” the present and future of green technology, pointing out the flaws in the American education and health systems, the importance of networking and how to search for inspiration

Newton Spring 2015 – John Doerr, Ted Hoff, Vinod Dham and more….

By Jay | December 23, 2014

Sign up on Telebears for the Spring 2015 A. Richard Newton Lecture Series and hear from John Doerr, Ted Hoff, Vinod Dham and more…..

Tonight at Newton Series, Jeff Rothschild, Facebook’s 1st VP of Engineering

By Jay | November 4, 2014

Tonight we host Jeff Rothschild, currently at Accel Partners. Jeff cofounded Veritas Software, which was acquired by Symantic for $13.5 Billion. He then went on to be Facebook’s first VP of Engineering in 2004, and still works with them in an advisory role.

What’s Next for Entrepreneurship Centers?

By Jay | October 17, 2014

Posted by Ikhlaq Sidhu, October 2014 What’s Next for Entrepreneurship Centers? State of the E-Art You may have seen our previously released slide set, “How to Build a Modern Entrepreneurship Center” (here’s a link –  E-Center 2.0 Public-9-2014-Compressed). It’s a pretty good summary of what we have learned so far, based on our past 10…

Tonight at Newton Series – Juan Pablo Dellaroquellem from Medallia

By Jay | October 7, 2014

Tonight, October 7th, The Newton Series features Juan Pablo Dellarroquellem, Head of Engineering at Medallia.  Juan Pablo is an expert in interactive voice response systems and built Argentina’s first voice portal, which won him Intel’s Application of the Year Award.  He has been with Medallia for over a decade, helping the company be the leading…

Yoky Matsuoka, Nest CTO and Google X co-founder speaking at CET’s A. Richard Newton Series tonight

By Jay | September 30, 2014

At the Newton Series, Yoky Matsuoka, CTO at Nest, speaks on the book of her life.  Nest was bought by Google, for $3.2 billion earlier this year.  See all our Newton Speakers (link) and join us for class next semester.

See Newton Lectures by Ramona Pierson, CEO of Declara and Auren Hoffman, CEO of LiveRamp

By Jay | September 29, 2014

Click links for our most recent Berkeley ARN Distinguished Innovator speakers Ramona Pierson, CEO and founder Declara – Auren Hoffman, CEO and founder LiveRamp –

Tonight – Ramona Pierson, CEO, Declara – A. Richard Newton Lecture Series Distinguished Innovator-

By Jay | September 23, 2014

Tonight, as part of our Newton Lecture Series, we feature Ramona Pierson (Links to an external site.), CEO of Declara.  Ramona attended Cal as a math prodigy and went on to overcome truly incredible obstacles.  After loosing a decade of her life to recovering from a car accident, she studied and received advanced degrees in neurosciences and…

Berkeley Method Bootcamp (Download-able Resources)

By Jay | August 24, 2014

Last week, we completed the 4- day Fall 2014 Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for over 100 participants including Berkeley students, SkyDeck Acceleration teams, Baker Fellow researchers, and international students and faculty from leading global institutions.    This is the first year the program is now formally part of the formal Berkeley curriculum as an engineering course (IEOR…

Dean’s Message in Innovations Online

By Jay | July 3, 2014

Reposted from the June 2014 Dean’s message in Innovations online.  Also Congrats to Imprint Energy which just secured a $6M Series A round. By Shankar Sastry, Dean, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley Conventional wisdom has it that entrepreneurs are born that way. At Berkeley, however, we thrive on proving conventional wisdom wrong. After almost a decade of teaching entrepreneurship…