What is your data project missing? Here are three must-have elements

By Ikhlaq | April 19, 2018

The other day I was having a discussion with Inder Sidhu, who was speaking in our Engineering Leadership Professional Program.  I wanted to understand his perspective on data and strategy. As you may know, he is a great person to … Read More

Join SCET at Cal Day 2018!

By Meghana Krishnakumar | April 19, 2018

 Every year, UC Berkeley hosts Cal Day—an event to welcome prospective students to help guide them through what clubs they can join, what classes to take and to get to know the Berkeley community as a whole. Cal Day is … Read More

Learning Rapid Implementation of AI and Data

By Ikhlaq | April 6, 2018

What’s Golf Got to Do With It? Our ability to deliver on the promises of AI, data, and other digital transformations is key to our national agenda and global security.  Just imagine what would happen if another, less friendly nation … Read More

Finding positivity in failure: Silicon Valley leaders talk about past setbacks

By Jessica Lynn | April 4, 2018

Last month, an Uber executive, the cofounder of a successful software company and a venture capitalist investor joined the Newton Lecture Series to speak to UC Berkeley students. But rather than talking about the successes that led them to their … Read More

Founded @ Berkeley, an interview with Ikhlaq Sidhu

By Ann Snitko | April 4, 2018

In the fourth episode of Founded at Berkeley, visiting researcher Ann Snitko speaks with Ikhlaq Sidhu about the founding of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology and the development of Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. You can find more episodes of … Read More

Breaking the Blockchain Bubble: A roundtable discussing the future of blockchain technology

By Meghana Krishnakumar | April 3, 2018

On March 1st, the Blockchain Lab hosted a roundtable with three industry leaders along with student representatives from Blockchain at Berkeley to discuss the importance and growth of this groundbreaking technology. CEOs from ThirdACT, CyrptoWerk, and showcased how different … Read More

The Future of Sports Technology: SCET’s Sports Tech Collider

By Danielle Vivo | March 30, 2018

How can technology make current athletic training practices more effective? What technologies can assist athletes in maintaining proper form in practice and games? How can technology keep coaches and athletes from drowning in uninsightful data? Most importantly, can emerging technologies … Read More

Our Students Can Make Data, AI, & Blockchain Projects Work in Real Life – and So Can You

By Ikhlaq | March 28, 2018

A Focus on Implementation and Rapid Impact A Signal in the Noise  About 2 years ago, I had a thought that it was time to offer a new type of course in the areas of AI/Data, and possibly extensible to … Read More

Blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies: the future of last-mile delivery autonomous solutions

By Ann Snitko | March 22, 2018

Within the last year, several logistics and retail companies, researchers, and startups announced their interest in using blockchain technology for last-mile delivery solutions: Walmart implements blockchain-based delivery system Blockchain Technology: Possibilities for the U.S. Postal Service Carrefour implements blockchain as … Read More

The true cost of meat: an interview with Jason Ryder

By Keith McAleer | March 16, 2018

Alt.Meat & Greet Podcast Episode 3: The true cost of meat, an interview with Jason Ryder Hosted by Jessica Lynn and Gurshaan Madan In this episode of the Sutardja Center of Entrepreneurship & Technology’s podcast Alt.Meat & Greet, we speak … Read More

SCET Blockchain Lab Announces Awards of $50K to Support Student and Faculty Projects

By Melissa Glass | March 9, 2018

The Blockchain Lab at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) is pleased to announce support for students and faculty who are contributing to blockchain’s future with cutting-edge projects.   Blockchain is an emerging technology where Berkeley has great promise to … Read More

The hidden social mission driving this Cal alumna’s trending toy startup

By Jessica Lynn | March 8, 2018

Last week, there was an unusual sight in UC Berkeley’s Industrial Engineering 185 course: stuffed animals. The toys, called Animoodles, put an innovative twist on the traditional plushie. As students passed them around the class, they found that hidden magnets … Read More

This blockchain startup raised $12 million in 2 hours. Here’s how

By Jessica Lynn | March 5, 2018

On Jan. 31 two UC Berkeley alumni held a pre-sale for SPN tokens, a type of blockchain token that’s required to access a new social media platform they created. In two hours, people had bought $12 million dollars worth of … Read More

The Red Queen and the Inevitability of the Amazoogle Business Model

By Shomit Ghose | February 28, 2018

  “Well, in our country,” said Alice, still panting a little, “you’d generally get to somewhere else—if you run very fast for a long time, as we’ve been doing.” “A slow sort of country!” said the Queen. “Now, here, you … Read More

How to ‘Startup’ with Michael Seibel: CEO of Y Combinator

By Meghana Krishnakumar | February 28, 2018

On February 20th, Michael Seibel came to speak to the A. Richard Newton Series course about his journey with Y Combinator (YC), a leading startup accelerator, and what entrepreneurs can do to be successful at YC today. Seibel was the … Read More

Future of Blockchain – A Berkeley Perspective

By Ikhlaq | February 25, 2018

by Ikhlaq Sidhu & Alexander Fred-Ojala Current Situation: Blockchain is an Emerging Technology With a Significant Promise In 2009, a previously unknown cryptographer by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a mysterious new digital currency to the world.  Ignored by the … Read More

Ikhlaq Sidhu addresses A.I. and data science at Hong Kong Baptist University

By Caitlin Andersen | February 22, 2018

In January of 2018, professors and students from all over the world gathered at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) for its annual Principal’s Day in order to tackle the theme of “A.I. in X: The Future of Education.” HKBU is … Read More

UC Berkeley’s SCET to Host Blockchain Roundtable with B@B, Simon Chan and Entrepreneurs on March 1st

By Jocelyn Weber Phipps | February 20, 2018

Reflecting the strong interest from Berkeley students in Blockchain technologies, the Blockchain Lab of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) has invited a group of successful entrepreneurs to meet with leaders of Blockchain@Berkeley (B@B) to discuss, in an … Read More

Alt.Meat & Greet podcast Episode 2: How do you mimic the flavor of meat?

By Jessica Lynn | February 15, 2018

In this episode of the Sutardja Center of Entrepreneurship & Technology’s podcast Alt.Meat & Greet, we speak with Jeff Spencer, a research fellow for Givaudan flavors. He speaks about how researchers are able to break down the composition of plants … Read More

Which UC Berkeley entrepreneur are you?

By Jessica Lynn | February 15, 2018

The University of California, Berkeley has been one of the most successful universities in the world at producing alumni that have gone on to start innovative companies. So, which entrepreneur do you most resemble? Take our quiz to find out!

New course helps students create blockchain startups

By Meghana Krishnakumar | February 15, 2018

Blockchain is one of the most exciting new technologies that continues to make its mark not only around the world but also right here on UC Berkeley campus. The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology has introduced a Blockchain Lab … Read More

LAUNCH Cohort: Ready for Lift Off

By Meghana Krishnakumar | February 14, 2018

About LAUNCH LAUNCH is The University of California’s startup accelerator, purposed to transform early-stage startups into fundable companies. During the fall, judges select a small group of startups in the UC system. Teams are then paired with serial-entrepreneur mentors and … Read More

Could these UC Berkeley students help build a 2nd Silicon Valley in India?

By Jessica Lynn | February 14, 2018

A lot of 22-year-olds aren’t sure what they want to do with their careers, but not Farhan Ahmed. Ever since he was a freshman at Sri Ramaswami Memorial Institute of Science and Technology (SRM) in India, he’s been involved in … Read More

Alt.Meat & Greet podcast Episode 1: How can scientists give plant-based products the same texture as meat?

By Keith McAleer | February 2, 2018

In the Sutardja Center of Entrepreneurship & Technology’s first episode of our new podcast, Alt.Meat & Greet, you’ll find out. In the podcast, we hear from our guest Dr. Atze Jan van der Goot from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, … Read More

How to build a viral app: TBH founder gives startup advice at UC Berkeley

By Jessica Lynn | February 2, 2018

The night before Nikita Bier launched his app TBH, he was on the phone with his lawyer, asking how to liquidate a business. About three months later, more than 5 million people had downloaded his app and Facebook was acquiring … Read More

Cal Alums wow at IndieBio showcase

By Caitlin Andersen | February 2, 2018

On Monday, January 22nd, IndieBio held its consumer biotechnology showcase, during which four biotech startups pitched and demoed their respective products. One of those four companies was Terramino Foods, a startup focused on creating alternatives to seafood using fungi and … Read More

NEO DevCon & Free Backpacks for SCET Students & our Community

By Jocelyn Weber Phipps | February 1, 2018

The Blockchain Lab’s sponsor, NEO, a non-profit community developing the smart economy on blockchain, held their first DevCon this past week in San Francisco at the Intercontinental Hotel.  Speaker topics ranged from new solutions for decentralized databases for dApps (Bluzelle) … Read More

Working in Blockchain? The Sutardja Center is seeking Project Funding Nominations & Blockchain Lab Research Director

By Jocelyn Weber Phipps | January 31, 2018

Welcome to the formal kickoff of 2018 activities by the Blockchain Lab at UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.   The Sutardja Center has initiated the Center’s first course on Blockchain, led by Dr. Po Chi Wu (see … Read More

Attend NEO DevCon for Free in SF Jan 30-31

By Jocelyn Weber Phipps | January 18, 2018

Interested in learning & attending the NEO Developers Conference for Free!  NEO, a non-profit community-based blockchain project, is offering students an opportunity to attend for free – see this link.   NEO is also a sponsor of the Blockchain Lab at … Read More

UC Berkeley students put new startups to the test at SCET Collider Cup

By Brenna Smith | January 18, 2018

As Fall semester came to a close, student teams from entrepreneurship classes offered through the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology competed in the first annual Collider Cup. The event required participants to present their end-of-the year projects to real … Read More