Innovation Engineering – the Book (Beta Version)


September 16, 2019



It was never a goal of mine to write this book. However, a meeting at our Dean’s office convinced me that it needed to be done. We put this text together to guide and support our classroom projects, new venture acceleration, research lab partnerships, and collaborations with companies, (e.g. building AI/Data applications for the auto industry, developing new 5G /AI services with GSMA, and many more … ).  Many of our collaborators have also been waiting to see our approach written down in a step-by-step recipe format.

The problem that we are solving: Most innovation projects still fail – and this will continue until we fix the root cause – which is the execution and not the slide presentation.

The challenge in developing any new technology, application, or venture is that the innovator must be able to “execute while also learning” – as well as have the the behaviors and leadership style required for innovation.  Simply having a good plan and smart team is not enough.

What is it: Innovation Engineering is a practical guide to creating anything new – whether in large firms, research labs, new ventures, or even innovative student projects.

It has been working in our projects at Berkeley and beyond: Our validation tests show that teams which properly use Innovation Engineering in their innovative projects have 4X productivity. They also get higher quality results and actually feel happier about their projects.

Talk to us if you  want to know more about how we are using Innovation Engineering.  You can also find book here: