Announcing our Spring 2023 course lineup!

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📢 Our Spring 2023 courses are now live! 📢

In our one-of-a-kind courses, Berkeley students will have the opportunity to learn from amazing industry faculty to explore timely technology topics, learn new innovation skills, and gain the ability to execute their ideas.

Students will also have the opportunity to earn the Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology!

All majors welcome and encouraged to join!

ENGIN 183A/283A
(Formerly INDENG 95/195/295)
A. Richard Newton Lecture Series | A Berkeley Changemaker® Course1
(Formerly INDENG 192)
Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp2
ENGIN 183C-001
(Formerly INDENG 185)
Challenge Lab | AltMeat: Product Design of Plant-Based Foods4
ENGIN 183C-002
(Formerly INDENG 185)
Challenge Lab | How to Think Like an Entrepreneur: The Unspoken Rules of Navigating the Future of Work4
ENGIN 183C-003
(Formerly INDENG 185)
Challenge Lab | SportsTech, Entrepreneurship & the Future of Sports | A Berkeley Changemaker® Course4
ENGIN 183C-005
(Formerly INDENG 185)
Challenge Lab | Designing Startups to Transform Society | A Berkeley Changemaker® Course4
(Formerly INDENG 186)
Product Management3
(Formerly INDENG 191)
Technology Entrepreneurship3
ENGIN 183/283-001
(Formerly INDENG 190E/290)
Deplastify the Planet3
ENGIN 183/283-002
(Formerly INDENG 190E/290)
ENGIN 183/283-003
(Formerly INDENG 190E/290)
Leadership Exploration and Discovery3
ENGIN 183/283-004
(Formerly INDENG 190E/290)
Future of Technology: How Innovators Critically Examine Game Changing and Time Wasting Technologies3
ENGIN 198-002
(Formerly INDENG 198)
Digital Design Lab Innovators in Residence (IIRs) for Startups to Transform Society 2
ENGIN 198-003
(Formerly INDENG 198)
Decal: Decode Silicon Valley Startup Success2
ENGIN 198-004
(Formerly INDENG 198)
Decal: Blockchain Fundamentals2