The Founder’s Playbook: New SCET video series focuses on founder routines, fail-ups, and mindsets


July 8, 2020


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The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) at the University of California, Berkeley has just launched a new video series called The Founder’s Playbook that aims to get the real stories of what it’s like for innovators to create something new.

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The series, hosted by Cal sophomore Jeena Chong, will focus on understanding how entrepreneurs approach life and venture projects. What are their daily routines and habits? How do they approach team work and collaboration? What are some undebateable rules they follow when starting a new venture? What mindsets do they embrace? What have they learned from past failures?

Episode 1 of the Founder’s Playbook is now available on SCET YouTube

On the Playbook, Jeena will interview a wide range of innovators to understand common themes that tie their stories together to provide insight to students of entrepreneurship on how they can approach life and building new ventures and innovations. Guests will include veteran founders, student entrepreneurs, academics, and corporate innovators.

In the first episode of the series, the Playbook investigated what it was like to be a student entrepreneur and create sustainable products in an interview with Kaj Johnson, the Senior Director of Product Development and Green Chef at Method Products and Shuge Luo, a UC Berkeley student representing the startup Upcycle, which has been collaborating with Method Products through the SCET Deplastify class. Team Upcycle created new packaging material for Method Products by recycling food waste from Whole Foods.

Stay tuned for more episodes of the Playbook, including a very special interview coming soon with Guitar Hero co-founder, Charles Huang.