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February 11, 2017


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Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe – A dynamic program where students earn 6 IND ENG units and travel while starting their own company!

For the past 4 summers, UC Berkeley students from diverse majors have traveled to Europe to participate in the most fun, dynamic, and intensive Summer Abroad Program at UC Berkeley. With over 400 participants each year, from over 70 different countries in the world, The European Innovation Academy provides a fast-paced learning environment where students learn from famous motivational speakers, business mentors, innovation experts, and serial entrepreneurs.

Participants get to create a startup in the record time of 4 weeks while being deeply immersed in the international startup environment. This is a unique opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zone, gain invaluable insight into starting a company, as well as to make friends from all over the over the world while experiencing the wonders of Italy. 

This year the program will travel to different locations in Italy each week:

Week 1 – Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship with Berkeley Instructor Ken Singer in Turin.

UC Berkeley Weekend Trip to the Italian Riviera.

Week 2 – Customer Validation Session in Mila on July 13th.

Week 3 – Product Showcase Session in Rome on July 21st.

Week 4 – Investor Meeting/ Final Pitch in Turin July 28th.Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 5.15.35 PM

According to UC Berkeley instructor Ken Singer, the most value students get out of the program is that they “learn effectively how to work with people from different disciplines and other parts of the world.” – Ken Singer

Past students also have a lot to say about the program, “My experience at the European Innovation Academy was an unforgettable rush of excitement, thrill, and adventure. Through the program, I was able to learn from accomplished entrepreneurs and professors, work on an internationally diverse team to create our own startup company, and appreciate the lifestyle and beauty of Europe. While I learned a great deal regarding innovation and entrepreneurship within the classroom, I would say my experiences outside of the campus ultimately made the program all the more worthwhile. Traveling to nearby countries, watching the Euro Cup in person, and simply living a day-to-day lifestyle as a resident made my study abroad experience truly authentic and personal. Most importantly, the friends I had made on the trip have now become family, thanks to the trying experiences that all ultimately brought us closer together.” – Russel Tagawa, UC Berkeley Student.

At UC Berkeley we are very proud that every year so far the winning team had at least two Berkeley participants, and this year we don’t expect any less!

So, What are you waiting for? 

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All Majors Welcome!

*Financial aid is available for UC Berkeley students who are enrolled in at least 6 units during the summer. All other students should contact the financial aid office at their home institution for more information.

Our last info session will be March 8th – 5 pm at the SCET offices at the Memorial Stadium.

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