Student Innovation Fellows Present Solutions for Climate Challenge


December 2, 2022
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SCET Student Innovation Fellows gave their final presentations for the Climate Challenge in partnership with Berkeley Changemaker® on Nov 30, 2022 at the SCET offices. Students pitched innovative solutions including an app to aid with natural disasters, solutions to takeout waste and incentives for recycling and managing our carbon footprint.

Congrats to the winners who received various prizes including an internship interview with Marli Technology Solutions, lunch with UC Berkeley Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer, Rich Lyons, and copies of the new book Becoming a Changemaker by Berkeley Haas Faculty, Alex Budak

Climate Challenge Winners

1st place – Lois Tanglao for Typhone, aggregating data for the Philippine community to manage all stages of preparedness for typhoons

2nd place – Rhea Grover for Plate Up, pursuing zero waste by helping small businesses move from single use plastic waste to compostable options

3rd place – Priya Riley for an ESG monitoring task force focusing on verification of company climate metrics

Honorable Mention – Anjiki Morari for creating a framework for fighting climate change

In addition to collaboration with Berkeley Changemaker®, the Climate Challenge also included a speaker series to help students understand the latest ways innovators are tackling climate change and sustainability. Speakers included, Marcus Lehmann, CEO of CalWave Power Technologies Inc., Alireza TayebNama, Founder and CEO of Marli Technologies Inc., Trista Bridges, Co-Founder of Read The Air, Shely Aronov, Co-Founder and CEO of Inner Plant, and Alex Budak, Berkeley faculty and author of Becoming a Changemaker.

Cheers to the students for their efforts to work towards innovative solutions for climate change!