Announcing the Climate Challenge


October 12, 2022


Hand holding a leaf that represents the world
Hand holding a leaf icons as the Earth Network surrounds it

Want to have an impact? The SCET is proud to announce The Climate Change Challenge working with Berkeley Changemaker® launching on the 17th of October 2022. Registration is now open for all Berkeley students. 

Everyone can make a difference! You don’t need any skills or qualifications to join this year’s Climate Challenge. If you have an idea that you’re passionate about, don’t hesitate to sign up! for the Challenge, and we will follow up with more details.

This is your chance to pitch your idea and solution to a panel of industry experts, for a prize! All majors and backgrounds are welcome. The Challenge includes a series of speaker events to help you refine your solution. 

What Do I Have to Do?

The challenge is simple. Choose a specific climate or sustainability issue that affects a country/part of the world of your choice. Then, use your critical thinking skills to come up with a general solution of your own.

When competing, each participant will present a slide deck (around 5-8 slides) that includes the following:

  1. An introductory slide
    • This should include your name, and/or any team members’, and your photos
    • A short description of yourself/s (including majors) similar to a business pitch
  2. The name and description of your problem
    • The issue must be specific and have had an affect on an area of the world (for example: ‘lack of fresh water supply in Saudi Arabia’, rather than just ‘water’)
    • You’re description must include how the issue affects the population, and why it is a problem
  3. Your solution to the problem
    • Should include scientific background, financial information, and how the solution will work
    • Ballpark numbers for funds and costs are accepted, this does not need to be very precise
    • Scientific background should be reasonable, we are not expecting a high caliber or level of scientific knowledge
  4. The potential problems and how to overcome them

What’s The Prize?

Congratulations! You not only were elected the best solution to your problem but you won an amazing opportunity. The winner of this fall’s Climate Challenge is given an interview for a paid internship at Marli Technologies. Marli uses blockchain to help decarbonize the world, developing solutions to enable transparent and simple funding of environmental projects around the world for offsetting.

What about second place? Don’t think you’re missing out – you get the opportunity to have lunch with Rich Lyons! That’s not all; the top 3 individuals will receive free copies of Alex Budak’s book Becoming a Changemaker

Want Help or To Be More Involved?

You’re in luck! The SCET is hosting many panel events, just for you. Get to know these speakers better, network, ask questions, and gain inspiration for your presentations. These are completely non-mandatory for the challenge but can be a great resource to you.

October 25th – Marcus Lehmann, CEO of CalWave Power Technologies Inc.

Founding CalWave in 2014, Marcus’s experience in systems engineering, energy systems and entrepreneurship, lead him to create a team unlocking the vast and steady carbon-free power from ocean waves.

November 1st – Alireza TayebNama, Founder and CEO of Marli Technologies Inc

As a ClimateTech enthusiast he is focused on using advanced technologies such as blockchain, cryptography and artificial intelligence to develop solutions that reduce co2 emissions in the atmosphere

November 8th – Trista Bridges, Co-Founder of Read The Air

Trista Bridges is a sustainable business expert, passionate about changing businesses for good. She strongly believes that sustainable business equates to smart business, shifting mindsets, business strategies, and creating more sustainably focused business models for companies

November 15th – Shely Aronov, Co-Founder and CEO of Inner Plant

Shely is a repeat entrepreneur, founding a clean-label hummus brand and a World Bank-funded project to build a wastewater system in Cartagena, Colombia. Founding InnerPlant in 2018 to create crops that signal farmers with optical signals when they’re under stress from pathogens or a lack of water or nutrients. 

November 22nd – Alex Budak, Berkeley faculty and author of Becoming a Changemaker

Alex Budak is a Berkeley Haas professional faculty member, a social entrepreneur, and the author of the forthcoming book, “Becoming a Changemaker”. He believes everyone has the potential to lead positive change, and he dedicates his life to helping people from all walks of life become changemakers.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Sign up below to register for the Climate Challenge, and we will send you more details for how you can participate.