SportsTech Profile: Jason Robinson – Why Athletes Make Great Entrepreneurs


April 18, 2023



As technology and artificial intelligence continue to play a larger role in our every day lives, sports leagues are innovating to incorporate new technologies to support better athletic performance, improve the fan experience, and collect and make decisions based on the growing wealth of data available from wearables and sensors. SCET was excited to welcome Jason Robinson, a former NCAA student athlete turned entrepreneur for a guest lecture in our Spring 2023 course, SportsTech, Entrepreneurship & the Future of Sports | A Berkeley Changemaker® Course.

Jason Robinson is working to revolutionize player performance with his startup, Playbook Five. As the CEO and co-founder, he has created a cutting-edge platform that uses virtual reality, AI, and expert coaches to help football players enhance their performance. Playbook Five's interactive video training allows athletes to simulate game situations and receive real-time feedback to improve their skills.

Robinson's passion for sports and technology has made him a valued speaker and advisor in the field of SportsTech. His innovations has caught the attention of Forbes, TechCrunch, and ESPN, all who have featured him, and he has even spoken at the CES and SXSW. Robinson's insights and experience in building Playbook Five make him an incredible addition to any discussion about the future of SportsTech.

Hear about his experience and advice in this interview!

In a recent SportsTech Challenge lab, Robinson shared his thoughts on why athletes make great entrepreneurs and how technology is transforming the sports industry. He discussed how Playbook Five is leveraging virtual reality and AI to provide athletes with personalized training programs and how SportsTech is creating new opportunities for innovation and growth.

If you're interested in exploring the future of SportsTech, check out the SportsTech Challenge Lab class. This course brings together industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest trends and innovations in SportsTech and provides hands-on experience in developing new SportsTech products and services.