MI6: Measuring Innovation 6


December 31, 2015


Launch of the MI6 Research Project with PI Ikhlaq Sidhu
For communication as of Jan 1, 2016

Measuring Innovation just might be among the remaining “impossible missions” that are faced by companies and individuals. First, it’s a relatively vague concept; in fact the people who talk about it are usually not doing it.   Second, all the typical ways that people measure innovation have not been insightful. For example, neither the numbers of patents nor money spent on R&D directly create a firm’s ability to excel in new products and competitive markets. Particularly, the cause versus effect relationship between these measures vs. a firm does and its competitiveness is unclear at best.

The MI6 Project is a set of research constructs to measure innovation for organizations and for people. Our approach is to use quantitative techniques, but in a holistic sense. Our measures include not only strategy and process, but also innovation culture and mindset of individuals. Results of the Berkeley MI6 Projects are published as open, research papers in collaboration with global research partners including those in the Global Venture Lab network.