Pyrnt – Bringing Instant Print Photography to Smartphones


December 18, 2015


Prynt, a San Francisco-based startup founded by two graduates of a Berkeley Engineering entrepreneurship program, is bringing instant print photography to smartphones. The grads designed a smartphone case equipped with a built-in mini-printer, for printing digital photos on the go.

The founders, Clément Perrot and David Zhang, were schoolmates at École Polytechnique, France’s premier science and engineering university, but it wasn’t until they met again at Berkeley in 2013 that they really got to know each other.

Co-founders David Zhang and Clément Perrot.  (Courtesy Prynt)The two attended Learn2Launch, a program hosted by the Technology Transfer Program of the Institute of Transportation Studies in partnership with The Sutardja Center.  As a result of the work they did together in a mobile app course, they decided to become business partners. Read more