Kabam Collider Challenge

Saad Hirani   |   November 18, 2015

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The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, in partnership with Kabam, recently concluded an innovation collider project. The collider was an open challenge to students to develop a new methodology and create an implementation process to price goods when taking into accounts relative global economics and purchasing parities in markets. The challenge by Kabam aimed at driving students to apply advanced concepts in Finance, Business, Economics and International Trade to solve for challenges created by a global commerce environment.

A number of teams participated in the challenge. The winners, Team Bing Bang, received a $15,000 check from Kabam’s VP of Studio Strategy, Mike Termezy. Runners up, Team Invisible Hand received $5000 while Team Eve 2.0 and Team All About That Case received $1000 checks for a tied third place.

The competition is one of several Innovation Collider projects recently initiated by the Saturja Dai Center. The aim of collider projects is to bring together students, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in a learning environment to ‘collide’ and create ventures, solutions, research driven commercialization and opportunities to create impact in society. “Partnering with Cal allows us to continue creating significant educational and innovational programs that benefit students and the community at large,” said Kabam CEO and Cal Alumni Kevin Chou.

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Participants of Winning and Runner up Teams pose with members of CET & Kabam








Team Bing Bang, winners of the collider challenge

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Judges carefully deliberate having seen competitive presentations