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Future of Blockchain — A Berkeley Perspective

We expect the gradual development of a globally transparent ledger which will become the backbone of many new applications. Blockchain technology today is in its infancy, but for institutions, states, and companies alike to ignore this technological revolution would be equivalent to ignoring Internet technology when it emerged 25 years ago. We expect many researchers and firms to compete and work on algorithms, technological improvements and infrastructure that can offer the blockchain promise in a scalable, yet secure manner. We believe that it is crucial for institutions, organizations, and governments to be part of this groundbreaking development and research.

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Reflecting on “Why” for UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology

We are now in the 12th year of our journey with the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.  Overall, it has been a prolific experience at Berkeley as we have taught over 5,000 students, developed over 100 new ventures, worked with 500 Silicon Valley executives, and collaborated with ten partner universities from around the globe.

All of these positive metrics are great, but it brings me to the deeper question on WHY we do it.  The truth is, it is simply not just about being “bigger”.  After some reflection, these are my top three insights into the WHY.  
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What’s Next: New Venture Portfolios (Link)

How Firms can manage New Ventures as  Extensions of their Advanced Product Development

A great deal has changed in corporate innovation since the days of Bell Labs and Xerox PARC. While these models of advanced work led to so many innovations and created tremendous economic value, it’s clear that large scale, insulated corporate research is no longer the most common model for entering new markets or developing technologies of the future. What has changed?


Berkeley Engineering Leadership Case Series (Link)

The following leadership cases are prepared and published by Berkeley Engineering Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. Each case is a profile in entrepreneurial leadership designed to share mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors leaders have on their entrepreneurial journey. All cases are published for instructional purposes only and may not be reproduced, shared, disseminated, or distributed for any commercial purpose.


Berkeley Innovation Index

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology recently released the first version of a Berkeley Innovation Index (BII) Concept Paper. Developed by a eclectic team of psychologists, engineers and entrepreneurs, this index aims at bringing new insights and possibilities for innovation measurement. Read the full BII concept paper here.


Applied Innovation Review (AIR),  Issue #1, June 2015  (Download)

Special topics in Technology Business Innovation, New Venture Models and Education in Entrepreneurship. Download full publication or by paper title:
1. Self-driving Cars: Disruptive or Incremental?
2. Technology & Banking
3. Intersections of Applied Innovation and “Global Inclusive Scalable Ventures” for Inclusive Economic Development
4. A Game Based Method for Teaching Entrepreneurship, (Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship)
5. Mixing engineering, business and design students in an international Cross-disciplinary Course on Innovation


R&D Models for Advanced Development & Corporate Research

(Awarded Best Paper Presentation of the Conference) Sidhu, Lavian, Howell, R&D Models for Advanced Development & Corporate Research, Understanding Six Models of Advanced R&D, IEEE/ICE International Technology Management Conference, Belfast Ireland, June 22-24, 2015, (link to paper(slides).


Comfort Zone and Berkeley Method at ASEE

  • Sidhu, Deletraz, Effect of Comfort Zone on Entrepreneurship Potential, Innovation Culture, and Career Satisfaction, ASEE Conference, Seattle, June 14-17 (link), (slides)
  • Sidhu, Singer, Johnsson, Suoranta, Introducing the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship – a Game-Based Teaching Approach_ American Society for Engineering Education, ASEE June 14-17, 2015 (link)(slides)

Sidhu, Innovation Culture and Management Practice, FDC Business School, BH, Brazil, May 13, 2015 [Download]


NASSCOM, Pune, India Oct 8-9, 2014

  • Sidhu, Keynote: New Models for Advanced R&D and Open Incubation for today’s Modern Companies [Download]

  • Sidhu, Master Class: Data Driven Business Models [Download]


Sidhu, Workshop on  Innovation and Clusters, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, May 19, 2014,[Download].


KALX Radio Interview, Ikhlaq Sidhu, Method to Madness, Skydeck and Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, May 9, 2014


Sidhu, Data Driven Business Models, Invited Talk, GE Software, San Ramon, CA, April 2014 [Download Slides Here]


Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Downloads:


IP Strategies

  • Ho, Alexander, Broderick, Sidhu (PI), “Intellectual Property Strategies for New UC Berkeley Ventures: A Framework”, CET Engineering Leadership Technical Brief, 11-2010 linksummary.