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Visiting Researcher Program


The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) hosts visiting scholars and researchers from around the world to join us in pursuing independent or collaborative research in technology entrepreneurship and innovation engineering.

Researchers with compelling research projects in emerging technologies are encouraged to select between the following topic areas:

  • X-Lab Visiting Researcher
  • Independent Visiting Researcher

X-Labs offer researchers and scholars an opportunity to propose collaborative research projects that may form the basis of a course or other platform in emerging fields.

Independent Researchers may propose research topics in entrepreneurship or innovation education or other agreed-upon topics under the supervision of the Center.

X-Labs visiting researchers and scholars can choose from:

Executive Scholars Program


The Executive Scholars Program (ESP) is an executive program that prepares technically sophisticated executives for growth into new areas in their careers.

Executives that complete the program will be able to pursue the following career pathways:

  • Academic Pathway
  • CXO Pathway
  • New Venture Pathway

Over the period of the program, participants may build a portfolio of work as well as develop connections with a new industry and/or new venture ecosystem needed to accelerate their career interests.  The portfolio will include teaching experience, broad publication, and a thesis about an evolving industry and/or societal impact area.

You can find more information about the program on our Executive Scholars website.

Start your application process by selecting your research topic area

What is your research focus?

Accepted visiting researchers and scholars may:

  • Spend six to nine months at SCET Berkeley (programs may vary).
  • Work on projects to create new companies and new industries.
  • Study emerging technologies, policy, industry structure, and teaching methods.
  • Elect to guest lecture or co-teach in our programs with sponsoring faculty approval.
  • Pursue various research outputs including reports, conference publications, and industry creation activities.
  • Collaborate with our network of researchers.

Please see the FAQ section for more details.

*  Due to reduced consular operations globally, processing times for Visiting Scholar/Researcher appointments are approximately three months.

FAQ / Contact Us


Contact David Law ( or Ricardo Rodríguez ( for more information.