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The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) is the premier institution for the study and practice of entrepreneurship and technology innovation at UC Berkeley. Our global programs are designed to build a worldwide innovation network and knowledge exchange, allowing students from all over the world to interact with renowned instructors, mentors, and experts from UC Berkley and Silicon Valley.

Partner institutions have the opportunity to collaborate with SCET by sending Faculty and venture teams to learn from and network in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Best of Series

Featured Speaker: Shomit Ghose

Featured Speaker: Shomit Ghose

The Best of Series will feature some of the brightest minds teaching at SCET. These virtual series will serve as an introduction to our courses, where students from all over the world can gain insights into who we are and what we do.

From new technologies to healthcare, to plant-based foods, each video will focus on a topic that’s relevant to innovation and society. Our instructors will take you on a journey of discovery through their areas of expertise as they address some of the big questions of the moment.

Global Partners

The Global Partnership program is the premier international academic program at the Sutardja Center. Select universities are chosen on an annual basis for a three-year partnership that allows each institution to collaborate with the Sutardja Center (SCET) in various ways.


Le Bridge Startup Fellows

The Le Bridge Startup Fellows Program gives students a deep understanding of innovation and the entrepreneurial process. Students learn from world-renowned faculty and entrepreneurs, gain hands-on experience in new venture creation, and build a valuable network of mentors and advisors for both personal and professional development.

We are seeking graduate students from top-tier universities from a range of academic disciplines. We accept highly-motivated self-starters with a demonstrated interest in technology entrepreneurship and innovation.

"Le Bridge taught us the American know-how to create a company and iterate quickly, whilst simultaneously opening up a massive network! I wanted to immerse myself in Silicon Valley to learn about its cultural codes which are so specific to startups".

Timothée, CEO of Seald

Startup Semester at Berkeley

Startup semester emphasizes hands-on venture-building. Using the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, we will help you grow your network, find your new team, and immerse yourself in the dynamic Berkeley and Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Our team of Berkeley faculty, industry experts, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, will make sure you learn the mindset and behaviors that drive success. We focus on leadership, innovation, and execution to prepare you for your role as a founder, business, or technical leader in today's dynamic global economy. It all starts here!

Visiting Researcher Program


The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) hosts visiting scholars and researchers from around the world to join us in pursuing independent or collaborative research in technology entrepreneurship and innovation engineering.

Researchers with compelling research projects in emerging technologies are encouraged to select between the topic areas of X-Lab Visiting Researcher and Independent Visiting Researcher.