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The Global Partnership program is the premier international academic program at the Sutardja Center. Select universities are chosen on an annual basis for a three-year partnership that allows each institution to collaborate with the Sutardja Center (SCET) in the following ways:

  • Engagement with SCET faculty and graduate students
  • Participation in SCET events held on the Berkeley campus
  • Access to high-end collaboration space (approximately 2500 sq. ft.)
  • Knowledge transfer and education in BMoE through opportunities to attend various courses
  • Opportunity to send visiting scholars and professors to SCET
  • Access to and collaboration in SCET-led research projects and training programs

"As the largest entrepreneurial center at UC Berkeley, the Sutardja Center is committed to empowering entrepreneurs to positively change the world. We believe in responsible innovation and the added value of diversity."

- Ken Singer, SCET Managing Director

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The program allows partner institutions to send faculty to SCET to learn the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship in order to build upon new teaching models in their own locations.

Partners are also able to send new venture teams to learn from and network in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Additionally, partners can benefit from learning from other global partners as part of the larger network. The partner institutions selected for this program by UC Berkeley will jointly contribute to this new model for Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Start or advance an entrepreneurship program

Learn entrepreneurship teaching methods

Connect with Silicon Valley culture

Bring research to market


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