From Last Boot-camp on January 9 – 13, 2017, Spring 2017. Info from Upcoming Bootcamp on August 14 – 18, 2017 will be posted soon.

The Pantas and Ting Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology hosts the bi-annual Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (BMoE), a week venture workshop. The next boot-camp will be an intense 4-1/2 days to be held January 9th - 13th 2017, at UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship.

The bootcamp facilitates immersive learning for new venture creation. This workshop offers a one-of-a-kind experience in one of the premier institutions in Silicon Valley. During the program, participants will attend sessions that weave together lectures and interactive game-based exercises, receive one-on-one mentoring from Sutardja Center faculty and industry experts; and learn in a collaborative environment. Participants will also join one of two tracks (based on whether you are an entrepreneur or from an academic or research) to work on a project or plan of your own. Track 1 will focus on developing a new venture/project (for students and entrepreneurs), Track 2 will focus on how to transform into a start-up business  (for academia and researchers).

How to Register
Sign up for the next Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship boot-camp, January 9th-13th, 2017.

(NOTE: BMOE boot-camp takes place the week BEFORE Spring 2017 regular classes):

  • UC Berkeley students - sign up through new CalCentral registration for Spring 2017
  • Global Venture Lab network and partner universities– contact
  • Other universities, independent parties & industry – contact

* For all other inquiries, contact Gigi Wang, Industry Fellow, Berkeley Method Bootcamp Program Chair:

Over the course of the four and a half days, participants will:

  • Work on idea generation and how to turn ideas into new ventures and taking it to market while integrating concepts including customer-focused design thinking and innovation in business models, and receiving input and advice from real-life entrepreneurs, investors, and marketing specialists.
  • Use case studies to facilitate and hone ideas, attend special modules on ideation, sales, pitch and funding (sample Modules/Videos)
  • Collaborate with our Experts
  • Establish or optimize to form startup teams, learn mechanics of a start-up and setting major milestones
  • Internalize some of the attributes that contribute to the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Pitch your idea to an experienced panel of experts and potential investors

Read more about Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship approach in a blog, by the Sutadja Center’s Founder and Chief Scientist, Professor Ikhlaq Sidhu.

This Year's Agenda:

The schedule for BMoE Spring 2017 can be viewed here. 

* For all inquiries contact Gigi Wang, Industry Fellow, Berkeley Method Bootcamp Program Chair:

The Bootcamp is held at the Banatao Auditorium at  Sutardja Dai Hall

For parking information, building maps, and other logistics, click here. 

Leadership Team

Ikhlaq Sidhu, SCET Founder and Chief Scientist

Gigi Wang - SCET Industry Fellow & BMoE Chair

Ken Singer - Managing Director SCET

This Year's Speakers and Mentors

Adam Sterling - Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Law

Anne Fletcher - Design Thinking Lecturer

Alex Mehr - Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Zoosk, Gear Zero

Anastasia Ashman - Operating Manager, Topaz Ventures

Bob Upham - Senior Director, Digital Products at Visa

Brian Kress - Strategy Director, Swirl

Buddy Burke - Public Speaking Instructor, Apple

Connor Landraf - CEO & Founder, Eko Devices

Constanza Nieto - Founder & CEO, Globaltech Bridge

Debra Harris - Business Development, Exadel

George Kopas - Founder & CEO, EOS Media

George Maroulis - Head of Private and Commercial Banking at CB Private

Hilary Weber - CEO & Founder, Opportu Startup Innovation

Jeff Burton - Co-Founder, Stealth Project & Ex-Executive Director, Skydeck

Jerry Yang - General Partner & Hardware Lead, Hardware Club

Kal Deutsch - CEO & Founding Investor-Advisor, Batchery

Kate Gunning - Market Strategist (Life Sciences)

Lonnie Finkel - Business Attorney, Finkel Law Group

Mai Nguyen - Associate, Berkeley Research Group

Mike Lee - Senior Lecturer in Digital Entrepreneurship, USC

Natasha Chatlein - Science & Technology Advisor, Holland Innovation Network

Olivier Younes - Professor, HEC

Pamela Day - Founder, LookWho & Founder, Project: Tiny Giant

Phyllis Whiteley - Venture Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners

Rana Gujral - Mentor, HACK Temple, Writer @ Forbes, Serial Entrepreneur

Rick Rasmussen - Managing Director, Concordia Ventures

Scottie Spurzem - English Coach & Industry Fellow, SCET

Shomit Ghose - Managing Partner, OnSet Ventures

Stephen Torres - Lecturer @ SCET and CEO, MyDomino

Sung Hae Kim - People Operations Leader, Pivotal

Tamra Teig - Founder, Berkeley Startup Network

Vivienne Ming - Founder at Socos

BMoE Team

Saad Hirani - Emcee, BMOE

Danielle Vivo - Emcee & Program Manager, BMoE

Menglong Guo - Student Mentor (Hardware Focused Startups)

Lillian Dong - Student Lead & Ops

To view other previous speakers at the BMoE, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: The Bootcamp is held at the Sutardja Dai Hall, not the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.

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