Tonight at Newton Series – Juan Pablo Dellaroquellem from Medallia


October 7, 2014


By Jay

Tonight, October 7th, The Newton Series features Juan Pablo Dellarroquellem, Head of Engineering at Medallia.  Juan Pablo is an expert in interactive voice response systems and built Argentina’s first voice portal, which won him Intel’s Application of the Year Award.  He has been with Medallia for over a decade, helping the company be the leading provider of customer experience management (CEM) software.  He received degrees from Technological Institute of Buenos Aires,  CAECE University in Buenos Aires and Carnegie Mellon University here in the US. Directly following, join us for a networking event with Medallia at SkyDeck (Penthouse of 2150 Shattuck Ave.).  Doors will be open from 6:25pm – 6:40pm.