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Tech top dogs discuss workplace diversity at ELPP panel

Samantha Walravens, author of the acclaimed book Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech, hosted a panel of industry leaders on June 4 to discuss diversity initiatives in the technology industry. The panel took place at Silicon Valley Bank’s Kellogg Auditorium in Santa Clara as part of the Engineering Leadership Professional Program, or…

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Engineered Influence: Weak Data, Machine Learning & Behavioral Economics

This article is will be published in the 2017 Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology’s annual journal AIR (Applied Innovation Review) in June 2017. You can see the 2016 version here. Shomit Ghose is a UC Berkeley alum and mentor, venture capitalist, and partner at ONSET ventures. Cognitive Irredentists Arise! A dystopian world: sentient machines…

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Google Drones, Chipotle Burritos, College Students & SCET’s BMOE

It’s been two years since Amazon’s Jeff Bezos exclaimed that Amazon would soon deliver packages by drones, and that though the concept of it ‘seem like science fiction,’ it actually isn’t. What was first believed to be a publicity stunt to get Christmas shoppers in 2014 to think about Amazon is now reality, with the…

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