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What is the Certificate?

The SCET Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology offers UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn about technology innovation and entrepreneurship through the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, an award-winning teaching method that was developed at SCET. In our classes, students will learn from experts in their fields, as well as their classmates, and address real-world problems through hands-on group projects. Students have the chance to build networks, learn how to start and grow their own startup, and strengthen transferable skills in areas such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. The mindsets and skills introduced in SCET classes prepare students to become innovative leaders in their industry, jobs or ventures regardless of the field.

Certificate Track Requirements

Students must complete all requirements in one of the tracks below to earn the Certificate.

Approved Course List

Note that not all courses listed below are offered each year or semester. Refer to the Academic Guide for the current offerings. See our Courses page for details on current or upcoming SCET course offerings. Questions regarding SCET courses can be directed to the SCET Academic Program Manager at scet-academics@berkeley.edu. Questions regarding courses not taught through SCET should be directed to the respective academic unit. If you find a relevant class that is not on the approved list, you can submit a petition to use it as a substitute towards our certificate. See the FAQ below for details.

Certificate Completion

To earn the Certificate, the Certificate Completion Application should be submitted by the last day of the semester in which all requirements will be complete. Note that you must upload your unofficial transcript to the application, and SCET staff will verify grades after they have posted. Refer to the FAQs below for additional information on the process and timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions


See the Enrollment FAQs on our courses page and certificate page and contact
 for additional questions.