Contributions by Keith McAleer, photography by Daniel Rozenblit.

On Friday May 6, Startup Semester students and the LeBridge Startup Fellows had their Certificate Ceremony to celebrate the culmination of their semester at UC Berkeley. Global Academic Programs Director David Law, shared a few words of encouragement and advice with the students:

This semester in all your classes you focused on learning by doing, applying what you learned to some really great projects and companies.  We focused on the mindset and behaviors of successful entrepreneurs and leaders: Curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, competitiveness and conflict (the healthy kind), determination, resilience, and grit.

Global Program Director, David Law

During their semester, the students engaged in a rigorous curriculum of technology innovation courses to build new venture projects, develop their innovation mindset, and experience the rich and robust startup ecosystem at UC Berkeley. There were 21 Startup Semester students and 20 LeBridge Startup Fellows in this cohort, representing 10 countries from around the world. In the course of the semester, students were able to form multidisciplinary teams and work on different startup projects in each of their classes.

Startup Semester and Le Bridge students at the Ceremony

As part of their UC Berkeley experience, students also took advantage of the resources the university has to offer by applying to different opportunities such as the UC LAUNCH Accelerator, the Blockchain Xcelerator and the Pad-13 program at Skydeck.

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This semester at Berkeley has been a unique opportunity for me because I got to immerse myself in the startup ecosystem in Berkeley and work with people from all around the world with very different backgrounds and very different cultures

Mélissa Desde
Le Bridge Startup Fellow from EMLyon Business School in France

The Startup Semester program, and the LeBridge Startup Fellows program are possible thanks to the dedication and effort of SCET's Faculty and Staff, and SCET's Global Partner Universities from around the world. This Spring semester cohort students are:

Le Bridge Fellows

Anass Fouqade

Andréa Meilland

Clément Deschamps

Diane Bruneau

Dorian Zerroudi

Eugène Saint-Gregoire

Florine Humbert

Jérémy Cailton

Julian Amar

Karine Gnanassegarane

Ludivine Ratel

Martin Cregut

Mélissa Desde

Nicolas Verriere

Paul Pflimlin

Sacha Kassab

Simon Guetta

Théo Hoenen

Thibaud Huriez

Thomas Laporte

Startup Semester

Bhira Songsaeng

Carla Lima Junguittu

David Cayuela Penalva

Fernando Gutiérrez Luna

Gonzalo García Iranzo

Haolin Zhang

Jaume Merino Murgui

Javier Silva

Jesús  Deusa Alonso

Jose T. Sánchez Esparza

Ploychat Meeprasertskul

Pranav Khetan

Prim Hutchesson

Raquel Calles

Siyun Min

Sudev Bhatia

Tengwen Zhang

Thanathep Preedawiphat

Voraporn Thirapatarapong

Vrushank Varia

Wachirawit Siridachanon

Congratulations to all the students for their hard work this semester. We look forward to seeing how they bring their innovation skills throughout the world to make a positive impact in their future projects.

Left to right: Startup Semester students Bhira Songsaeng, Javier Silva, David Cayuela, and Fernando Gutierrez
Left to right: Le Bridge Fellows Julian Amar, Thibaud Huriez, Martin Cregut, and Eugène Saint-Gregoire