Mobile Health (mHealth)

Monika Agarwal, David Frick, Grant Helton, Siva Kishore Karimikonda, Vishwanath Maram, Duane Shen


The market for Mobile Health (mHealth) apps is currently at $53.6 billion and will be $166.2 billion by 2028. Before the Covid-19 Pandemic there was growing research and awareness of mental health issues within the workplace. The pandemic created a unique natural experiment to force new
capabilities for telehealth and mHealth apps to be used on a global scale. There was also a
significant uptick in reported mental health impacts during that time. Now as we rise out of the
pandemic, there is a new focus on personal balance of work and mental health. There is also more openness of employees to report these impacts. All of these things will drive the next major surge of investment and innovation in this space, making mental health more accessible than ever before at
lower costs and with easier access.