Anand Vasudevan, Dhananjai Singh, Gergely Timar, Jimmy Chiu, Richard Giljum, Xiawan Yang


InteriorZoom is an application which seeks to make small interior design projects fun and painless by combining the latest capabilities of smart devices, AI-based recommendations and an extensive database of ready to order furniture. While large projects can absorb the costs of hiring an interior designer, small projects such as furnishing a room or a small flat usually can not, but the owners would really appreciate the design guidance. It is also very hard to visualize a given design and experiment with different styles and color schemes in a way which gives a true rendering of the space in question. There are many problems, from fragmentation (each furniture vendor has its own app with access to only its inventory, no tool does both floor plan measurement as well as furnishing) to usability to an overwhelming amount of choice. 

InteriorZoom aims to change this status quo and be the LegalZoom of interior design, taking the best practices of aesthetics and design with the latest advances in technology to deliver ready to order furnishing recommendations tailored to the needs of a specific user. The market for online furniture sales is estimated to be $65 Billion in 2018, growing around 10% each year. Capturing some of this presents a very lucrative opportunity from a financial standpoint. 

There are three secular trends supporting the viability of the InteriorZoom product:

    1. Mainstream support for AR/VR: the new generations of smartphones support the iOS ARKit and Android ARcore standards which enable accurate measurements of the physical spaces around the device and present uniform APIs to display augmented reality scenes. 
    2. 3D furniture assets: vendors have the 3D models of their inventory available for use in their own apps as well as digital marketing campaigns
    3. Ecommerce penetration: buying anything online (even big ticket items) has become routine and commonplace. Lead and commission tracking systems are readily available for sites which generate sales.