NovaXS Biotech

Alina Su, Jonathan Xing


NovaXS Biotech is on a mission to provide caring future therapeutics. Led by a professional team in healthcare with a proven track record of over 40 million fundraising experience and 5 successful business exits, NovaXS is a therapeutic startup focused on improving treatment efficacy through advanced needle-free injection drug delivery platform and innovative CRISPR gene therapy on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. NovaXS aims to deliver biologics for applications including gene therapy, muscular degenerative disease, and endocrinology while improving medication delivery efficiency and treatment compliance. Medication compliance is a big problem in healthcare. With Telehealth bring more healthcare in-home, we aim to use IOT solution to track every medication intake and show patients a larger picture with long term data tracking.


Our patent-pending technology is an IoT needle-free injector that allows patients to self-administer biologics subcutaneously, intramuscularly and automatically track long-term treatment progress. The technology shows potential to boost the effectiveness by 5 to 50 times, reducing the dosage and cost of medications and improving capacity of hospitals for accepting more patients. Our new drug candidate, Nova-21, is an innovative gene therapy biodegradable nanoparticle delivery for DMD discovered by UC Berkeley QB3 Laboratory head, Professor Irina Conboy.


As a selected participant at MHub MedTech Accelerator sponsored by Baxter, Berkeley Skydeck, and Troylabs of USC, we have raised over 1MM up to date from institutional VCs, including MHub Impact Fund, AiBasis, Taihill Ventures, LiquidMetal VC, and Courtyard Ventures).

About the Founder

Alina Rui Su
Founder and CEO of NovaXS Biotech, Harvard Medical School Biomedical Science PhD Candidate

Many years of experience in international biomedical health innovation and technology transformation. Multiple medical device patents inventor. Berkeley Lawrence National Laboratory regenerative medicine and stem cell researcher. Participated in the development of Allojoin, the first mesenchymal stem cell drug in China. Currently the World Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) focuses on the Asia-pacific region biomedical technology development and innovation. Foresight Institute Research Director In Biotechnology & Health Division. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leader of U8 World Innovation Summit, Leader of MIT-Chief-US Entrepreneurship and U8 Innovation Summit, Chairman of Berkeley ISPE International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Translational Medicine and Stem Cell Association. Proficient in Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese. With passion helping early-stage innovative technologies translating into high-impact entities.

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