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Spring 2021:  Classes Run Late Jan - Early June
Application Deadline:  December 11, 2020

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      Join over 600 select professionals in the Bay Area who have earned their Certificate from UC Berkeley in Engineering Leadership.

      Now more than ever, innovative companies require engineers who can be technical experts as well as strategic managers and directors. The next generation of leaders will need a unique combination of technical horsepower, entrepreneurial ability, and business judgment. ELPP readies technical professionals for the next step in their career by augmenting their analytical skills with proven business methodology and techniques. Our recently updated syllabus reflects today's challenges. New sessions help rising tech leaders innovate under adversity, enabling innovation that matters now.

      Why ELPP

      Created for engineers by an engineer, the program builds off the Innovation Engineering framework from chief scientist and SCET founding director, Ikhlaq Sidhu. His proven platform for education utilizes theory, networking, and interactive practice to build a strong repertoire of skills in the technology leader.

      Enables you to take your ideas forward

      Prepares technical leaders for higher levels of responsibility within tech firms

      Helps leaders avoid making expensive mistakes

      Provides critical skills for career development

      Teaches leaders to align technology innovation with business objectives

      The Engineering Leadership Professional Program's Technology focus makes it time and cost effective for rising technical leaders in technology firms.

      The Engineering Leadership Professional Program's Technology focus makes it time and cost effective for rising technical leaders in technology firms.

      There is no such thing as a management-only track in Silicon Valley. For technical leaders, the MBA can often be too broad and possibly counter-productive for career development in technology firms. This program builds on the core skills of technical managers, engineers, and scientists. It is focused on technology firm situations and is condensed into only 4 1/2 months. The ELPP program offers career building skills that solve real problems in technology firms specifically for engineering directors, lead architects, technical product managers, business development leads, CTO office members, and other key technical staff.

      Learn about our model for Engineering Leadership here.

      ELPP Course Content

      Who Should Attend

      • Technology Executives
      • Managers and Directors
      • Senior Engineers
      • Technical professionals considering a management role

      Attendees from Top Global Tech Companies

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      "ELPP is a great way to gain multiple different perspectives outside of our core engineering worlds. It broadens ones horizons in a fun, fast paced program..." — 2020 ELPP Attendee

      "The program allowed me to take a pause and focus on advancing my knowledge, innovative and leadership skillsets."
      2019 ELPP Attendee

      "It was amazing. My career took off and I've been afforded several great opportunities since."
      — 2017 ELPP attendee

      Sample Projects

      The Engineering Leadership Professional Program guides students through two projects that combine the program's focus on the new technologies, the latest management and leadership skills, and innovation engineering.

      Frequently Asked Questions


      Questions? Contact Vicky Howell at for more information. Companies may provide sponsorship for employees or employees may enroll directly and request reimbursement from their firm.