The Industrial Engineering and Operations department at UC Berkeley is now hiring one co-instructor for the Data-X spring semester course, as well as multiple graduate student instructors. 

The course is listed as INDENG 135/290 Applied Data Science with Venture Applications (Data-X) and will be offered through the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. 

This highly-applied course surveys a variety of key concepts and tools that are useful for designing and building applications that process data signals of information. The course introduces modern open source, computer programming tools, libraries, and code samples that can be used to implement data applications. The mathematical concepts highlighted in this course include filtering, prediction, classification, decision-making, Markov chains, LTI systems, spectral analysis, and frameworks for learning from data. Each math concept is linked to implementation using Python using libraries for math array functions (NumPy), manipulation of tables (Pandas), long term storage (SQL, JSON, CSV files), natural language (NLTK), and ML frameworks.

The co-instructor will work with Ikhlaq Sidhu to teach the class along with a team of graduate student instructors and course assistants. Post-docs and instructor-eligible applicants are encouraged to apply.

The graduate student instructors will deliver lectures, develop curriculum, and support the instructor teams. Applicants must be a current graduate student at UC Berkeley to be eligible to apply. 

All positions are paid commensurate with experience. More info about the course can be found at Apply here