John Battelle Interview-Newton Lecture Series

Chris Vinan   |   January 23, 2017
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Last year is not outdated. And part of the reason that is so is because John Battelle, founder of Wired and Newco Ventures, laid out a beautiful argument for the future of enterprise. Last year, John’s words brought us into this year. At the A. Richard Newton Series, his sentences joined the strings of significant insight usually available at this amazing speaker series. When confronted with the question that is quickly being answered every second of every year, Battelle responded with a response that he had probably been questioning every second of every year. The question was, “What are some rising industries that entrepreneurs should enter?” I would type out his response but it’s probably best if his answer isn’t paraphrased. After all, typing the onomatopoeic “neigh” sounds nothing like the sound you’ll hear straight from the horses mouth.