Reimagining Higher Education Foundation (RHEF) Plaksha

Plaksha University is India’s largest collective philanthropy effort to build a new model of engineering education and research.

It is backed by 70+ academic and business leaders from 5 countries and envisions to reimagine technology education and research for India and the world.

Plaksha’s vision is to create ethical problem solvers and fearless leaders who transform the world through advances in science and technology. By creating an environment where interdisciplinary academic pursuits and cutting-edge research take place within a framework of humanistic values, Plaksha University seeks to emerge in the coming years as an institution of choice for exceptional students and faculty.

The academic vision is reflected across three pillars: reimagining engineering education; enabling a research innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and addressing Grand Challenges in India and the world.

What is the meaning of the university name? Plaksha is the name of a ficus tree, which grows in India. Indian scriptures state that the River Saraswati, synonymous with learning, originated from a ‘world-tree’ called Plaksha, which grew at the foothills of the Sivaliks. The name ‘Plaksha’ therefore reflects the idea of the university as a tree, from which a river of learning flows endlessly, constantly renewing itself and nurturing everything that it touches.