Calling for for Venture Capital Firms, EIRs, Industry Experts, and Entrepreneurs: 

Do you want to Pay-it-Forward while adding value to a project you’re leading, introducing your project to experts at SCET | UC Berkeley to help build teams, and meeting highly skilled students on campus, while contributing to the thought leadership at UC Berkeley?


The possibilities are limitless for Collider projects – be creative!

Here are a few examples:

  • Amazon would like students to come up with creative innovations for their delivery supply chain, 6 page paper wins prize as well as job opportunities.
  • A Venture Capital Partner wants to guide students to develop a new Investment thesis. It’s like an internship for 3 months.
  • An Entrepreneur is building a new venture concept. Part of this process is to write sample code to perform a special task. The goal is to build the right team.
  • A Growing New Venture is now 100 people. They offer a project to enhance one of their features and hope to attract highly specialized graduating Ph.D. students to their firm.
  • An Automotive Company is working on its strategy for Driverless Vehicles and would like to have a combination of MBA and technical students come up with a quick turn study under the guidance of a Center of Expertise at Berkeley.

Do you want to propose a project and collide with some of the most dynamic and creative thinkers at UCB? Send a statement of interest to Ikhlaq Sidhu, SCET’s Chief Scientist ( Simply explain your concept and why it would be insightful and/or a great opportunity for Berkeley students.  Additional helpful information: tell us about yourself and/or your firm, what type of students would be ideal, timeframe (e.g., over summer, October for 1 month, etc), and whether there would be an incentive or prize for the best student or team.

Learn more about SCET’s Collider Philosophy:


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