CalWave Power Technologies, a Berkeley startup working to harness ocean waves as a renewable energy resource, is seeking assistance from talented Berkeley designers to help with the design of branding/marketing materials. These materials will be used at an upcoming wave energy showcase.

CalWave will review resumes/design portfolios of interested students and select up to 5 to compete. Selected individuals will be notified and relevant media will be made available to them.  Individuals will then have 3 days to put together and submit their designs.

Final Deliverables:

CalWave is looking for 1 large trade show style banner design and one half page flyer design.
One 2.5′ x 6′ vertical banner design, One 4.25″ x 5.5″ flyer design (front and back).  They will provide logos and mission statements/company descriptions to be included as well as potential images.  However, designers should not feel limited to these materials and should feel free to include other stock images that they believe can contribute to the overall design.

A winning banner and winning flyer will be selected by CalWave judges on November 7th. There is $150 cash prize for the winner and winners will also be considered for further projects including brand and homepage design.

Interested students should send resume/portfolio to nigel@calwave.org by November 3rd.

 Meet the CalWave Team.