Blockchain Collider Winners Announced

The SCET last week concluded its blockchain collider, on April 27th. The collider was held in collaboration with a number of blockchain experts who have recently had successful startups in the field, including Peter Shiau, whose startup was acquired by Digital Asset Holdings, the undisputed leader of blockchain technology development. These experts provided valuable insight to students to explain what blockchain technology was, provide example use cases, and mentor projects as they went through ideation and development over the past 5 weeks.


The challenge put forth to participating teams was to come up with the best possible use case of blockchain technology that had not already been seen in the market. Teams were made to submit their presentations and present their findings and walk judges through their technology and vision for their use case. Five teams participated in the final, and came up with various projects. Use cases ranged from blockchain technology being used to potentially transform the hedge fund and index investing industry, changing supply chain management, modify health reporting, and create viable voting solutions.

The contest was won by Team All in Favor, with participants Shriram Apte, Chris La Ferla and Aditya Bhumbla winning a $5000 cash prize. Their winning submission and presentation clearly articulated a viable solution and market for an online voting/consensus sharing application built on blockchain, and proposed a unique technical solution to a long existing problem.

‘The mentors were extremely helpful in office hours and the whole collider was well run. The most interesting part about it was we were trying to find problems that blockchain technology could solve whereas normally the problems are given to us and we have find a solution. It was an interesting way of thinking and forced us to explore all of the frictions we face in day to day activities,’ Shriram Apte said. Shriram was one of the participants who won.

We will be attaching other presentations for some of the groups on the website soon, so stay tuned to the page!

Team All in Favor Final Presentation

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the Blockchain Collider project!