Announcing the Fall 2020 Collider Cup VII winners and teaching awardees


December 16, 2020


SCET Collider Cup VII
SCET Collider Cup VII

The SCET held its premier event, Collider Cup, on December 11, 2020 in an accelerated virtual format. The top student venture project teams from the Fall 2020 presented on topics including peer-to-peer delivery, mental health, plant-based meats, AI for physical therapy, and sustainable packaging. SCET also presented teaching awards to the semester’s best instructor and student course coordinator.

The top three teams from the virtual showcase are being fast-tracked to the final round of interviews for the $25K Pear Competition at Berkeley, plus, the top team has been entered into the final round for the exclusive Pear Accelerator S21. The Collider Cup VII winners were:

  • 1st place:  KBBQ/Artemix (Bryan Wong, Kelly Chou, Audrey Kim, Magnus Gu). This team from the Challenge Lab: Product Design & Customer Needfinding: Alternative Meat course (INDENG 185) created the Artemix mixer to help consumers make their own alternative meats at home! 
  • 2nd place: Clutch (Kashish Juneja, Anmol Seth, Vignesh Sivaprakasam, Kathy Hoang, Sebastian Reyes). This team from the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp course (INDENG 192) created new peer-to-peer delivery software to help people gain quicker access to personal care items such as tampons, pads and condoms.
  • 3rd place: (Talia Arauzo, Simon Walser, Brian Fu, Jeremy Berkowitz, Sailesh Mohapatra, Sam Deverett). This team from the Applied Data Science with Venture Applications course (Data-X) course (INDENG 135/290) developed a new computer vision system to make physical therapy more possible and effective at home. 
  • People’s choice award & judge’s honorable mention: Impact Food (Kelly Pan, Adrian Miranda, Stephanie Daffara). This team from the SCET Venture Lab course (INDENG 198) created a new plant-based tuna that looks very delicious, is much more cost effective than real tuna, and could help save ocean wildlife. Impact Food was also the recent recipient of the Hult Prize.

SCET Teaching Award winners:

  • Best instructor award for Fall 2020: Gigi Wang for Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (INDENG 192)
  • Best course coordinator award: Peru Dayani for Technology Firm Leadership (INDENG 171)

Collider Cup VII was sponsored by Pear VC, which partners with entrepreneurs from day zero to build category-defining companies. They have founded 8 companies and invested early in startups now worth over $40B. They use this knowledge to provide founders with hands-on support in product, growth, recruiting, and fundraising. They have been fortunate to partner early with companies valued at $1B+ such as DoorDash (Berkeley-founded startup), Gusto, Branch, and Guardant Health.

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in Collider Cup and in SCET courses in the Fall 2020 semester! More than 850 students enrolled in SCET courses in Fall 2020, including students from 120 different majors from across all 6 undergraduate colleges and schools at Berkeley and graduate students from various parts of campus. 

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