Accelerate Your Early-Stage Startup – Announcing SCET’s Summer Venture Lab


November 8, 2022


Accelerate your early stage startup

Are you a student looking to grow your early stage startup? SCET 2023 Summer Venture Lab is the perfect fit for you! This six-week intensive program provides graduate-level students the opportunity to bring their venture projects a step closer to the market.

Designed for Berkeley students and international students, Summer Venture Lab is a pre-accelerator program that provides founders with the skills they need to bring their early-stage venture project to the next stage. Students will address real life startup challenges, focus on their project’s market fit, and learn more about leadership, business mindsets, and the entrepreneurial ecosystems globally.

Located next to Silicon Valley, UC Berkeley is one of the world’s top innovation hubs, allowing students to engage with industry mentors and speakers. As part of this program, teams will work in a hands-on collaborative environment actively engaging their startup’s challenges while collaborating with classmates, and learning from the instructor and outside speakers & mentors.

Our information session was on November 10th 2022, at 9am PT

Apply Now!

We are now accepting applications for Summer of 2023. The program dates are: May 22 – June 30, 2023

Qualifications to Apply:

  1. Be a graduate-level student or exceptional undergraduate
  2. Have an early stage tech-based project
  3. Have a team of 2 or more 

The program is an opportunity to accelerate your early-stage venture. The program begins with an honest, fact-based assessment of your startup’s stage, then works towards prioritizing decision-making and establishing aggressive but realistic milestones to measure success. Recognizing that each project and team is unique, the program emphasizes a deep understanding of the customer and market, product-market fit, paths to market and the importance of storytelling in the Silicon Valley context.

Accepted students will learn fundamental insights critical for startup success and will earn UC Berkeley academic units paired with a Program Certificate.

When Can I Join?

Applications are now open!

Program Dates: May 22 – June 30, 2023

Application Deadline: March 31, 2023

For further information, and application submission visit the Summer Venture Lab page!