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We focus on the "Future of X". For us, 'X' means new technologies, societal problems, and emerging industry areas that will change the world.  Our labs are at the most applied edge of the spectrum of all university research.

Our labs contribute pure research, but their main focus is to build teams of diverse experts from students, researchers, industry experts, and investors to produce teams that develop publications, new technologies, business models, new ventures, and social impact. Results from our labs inform and support the SCET's undergraduate, graduate, professional, and executive courses and programs.


Today, every firm, organization, and investor is trying to navigate the changes that are now occurring. What will be the new consumer behaviors and new business demands? What role will technology play? How will innovation and R&D change in the new environment?

We started this initiative to focus our teaching and labs on Innovation that Matters given the change that we are experiencing today. We are using this set of roundtables as mini-advisory boards to understand how Berkeley and Berkeley students can best engage in the topics of Innovation that Matter today, (and how to best collaborate with industry partners in the process).

Ikhlaq Sidhu, Engineering Leadership Professional Program (ELPP)

Innovation-X: The NBA, Fan Engagement, & the Future of Entertainment

By Kyle Giffin | September 28, 2020

Until now, sports games were simply cancelled if no live audience could be there. Without the shouting, cheering, chanting, and hype generated by an audience, games can feel empty &…

innovation-x supply chain

Takeaways from Innovation-X Roundtable: Reevaluating the Supply Chain

By Suyash Jaju | September 25, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially disrupted the global supply chain. Within a matter of months, the transportation, logistics, and manufacturing industries have gone through rapid and accelerated transformation. New questions…


Take-Aways from the Innovation-X Roundtable: Innovation in Times of Change

By Suyash Jaju | July 16, 2020

Black swans are rare and unpredictable events that create a huge impact on the ways we live and work. During the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals and companies have to adapt to…

Alt: Meat X-Lab

The Alt: Meat Lab is a hub connecting students, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry leaders interested in creating the plant-based food of the future. First and foremost an academic resource, the Lab aims to research and educate. Led by Dr. Ricardo San Martin, the Lab works in conjunction with — but independent from — various partners on projects that put the Lab on the front lines of our changing culinary landscape.



Berkeley Center for Responsible, Decentralized Intelligence (RDI)

The Berkeley Center for Responsible, Decentralized Intelligence (RDI) is a new multi-disciplinary campus-wide initiative, focusing on advancing the science, technology and education of decentralization and empowering a responsible digital economy. The RDI Center currently includes faculty and students from computer science, finance/economics, and law, and will support 3 pillars: research, education, and community / entrepreneurship.

Research areas include foundations for next generation decentralization technologies including scalability, usability, provable security guarantees, auditable privacy, incentive compatibility, systemic stability, and decentralized systems and intelligence, decentralized governance, and responsible innovation / regulation guidance, etc.

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

We curate a network of integrity to advance the blockchain ecosystem globally. We believe in non-cosmetic ventures, authentic relationships and a "pay it forward" mindset. Located between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, we are at the beating heart of innovation. We offer you a chance to evolve your work in partnership with us, using the full weight of UC Berkeley and our powerhouse institutions.

"Berkeley Xcelerator has truly delivered its promise to inspire, empower, and actually help blockchain startups to reach their potentials. Its network of friends ... is world-class, and opportunities to be part of some top-notch programs ... have been indelibly impactful and meaningful to our journey."

— Bette Chen, Co-founder of Acala Network (SP ‘20)

Data-X Lab

Today, Data, AI, and digital systems are increasingly important in today's applications. However, learning a set of 'related theories' and being able to 'make it work' are not the same. It is essential to be able to understand, but actually implement and create useful systems in real life.

The Data-X framework is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, by exposing students to state-of-the-art tools, implementation techniques, innovation processes.

Data-X is for anyone interested in careers, new ventures, and innovative projects in areas related to data science and information technology systems.

Featured Projects

COVID-19 Predictor

The COVID-19 Predictor spreads awareness of the severity of coronavirus by allowing users to estimate the total infected in their region in the near future. This is accomplished by allowing the user to choose their country and how far into the future they want to see, then fitting the growth rate of their region to an exponential function, and delivering an estimate of the number of infected in that region.

Beyond EVs: Electric Vehicle Data Analysis

The automotive industry is undergoing an electric revolution, as the world embraces the next generation of sustainable transportation. However, the availability of reliable electrical infrastructure is a major constraint for mainstream EV adoption. The UC Berkeley student team performed exploratory data analysis to figure out what variables were indicative of EV adoption rates year over year and used this data to train several statistical forecasting models, including linear regression and ARIMA.