Tonight – Ramona Pierson, CEO, Declara – A. Richard Newton Lecture Series Distinguished Innovator-


September 23, 2014


By Jay

Tonight, as part of our Newton Lecture Series, we feature Ramona Pierson (Links to an external site.), CEO of Declara.  Ramona attended Cal as a math prodigy and went on to overcome truly incredible obstacles.  After loosing a decade of her life to recovering from a car accident, she studied and received advanced degrees in neurosciences and education. Using her past interests and studies she began to  create algorithms and products leveraging “extreme radical collaboration”.  In 2005 she created The Source, an online social learning solution adopted by the Seattle Public School system.  In 2007 she founded SynapticMash, acquired by Promethean, the interactive learning company.  In 2012 she co-founded Declara, a social learning platform and serves today, as it’s CEO.  Please check the Newton Lectures tab to see a video recording, which will be posted in the next 7 days.