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Checking in on our plant-based seafood collider

In a first of its kind effort, the SCET is leveraging its innovation collider to work on the environmental problems caused by overfishing. The ocean is often thought of as harboring a nearly endless supply of seafood for humans. At one point this may have been practically true — but as our worldwide population continues…

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Students find Solutions to Transnational Security

For the past month students have been developing solutions to transnational security. They have been looking for ways to leverage the latest in data science tools and technologies to increase the productivity of experts and analysts trying to stay one step ahead of criminals who use social media, mobile banking, cryptocurrencies, shell companies, and shadow…

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Team Katalyst Wins Kabam Collider!

Earlier this semester, the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology announced a collider in partnership with Kabam. This four-week collider project challenged Berkeley students to engage in comprehensive market research in order to predict the next emerging market hot spot for iOS revenue. Students delved into different countries to uncover growing markets, with special consideration of smartphone…

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AI Chatbot Collider Challenges Students To Push The Boundaries Of Human Computer Interaction

  Last week the Sutardja Center kicked off the AI Collider challenge for Berkeley students interested in working on the latest trend in human computer interaction — conversational interfaces or as they are popularly known, chatbots. Students participating in the collider competition will identify issues that prevent existing chatbots from being engaging and work on…

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