The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology and Kabam Incorporated are pleased to announce the Kabam Award and Program Fund.  The mobile-gaming and entertainment company, founded by three UC Berkeley Alumni, has allocated $325K for a fund at the Sutardja Center to encourage the next generation of innovators to continue to challenge the status quo.  The Fund will be used to support challenges and programs in the Sutardja Center’s  Innovation Collider for undergraduate/graduate students affiliated with the Sutardja Center; the first being the Kabam Collider Challenge with a kick-off on Sept. 25.  This will be an open challenge and project for Berkeley students to develop a new methodology and implementation process to price goods while accounting for relative global economics.
“It is fitting for Kabam to continue to deepen our partnership as a top mobile gaming company with top students from UC Berkeley fostering innovation within Cal as well as outside of Cal to millions of players around the world. I could not be more excited!”, Holly Liu, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer.  The entire team at the Sutardja Center and the College of Engineering are grateful for the strong support of our alumni and particularly the commitment of the leadership team at Kabam.
More information on the upcoming Kabam Collider Challenge may be found at