Course Description

Leadership Exploration and Discovery (LEAD) is an introspective class where you will learn who you are as a leader and how you can become the leader you want to be. Instruction takes many forms including individual learning through assigned reading, videos, case studies and self-assessments; and in-class learning with lectures, immersive activities, and dynamic guest speakers. These allow students to explore what is important to them and who they are authentically as a leader. The goal of this class is to arm students with specific knowledge both about leadership and about themselves for them to be effective leaders now and into the future.

This course explores key leadership concepts relevant to firms of all sizes from startups to large corporates. Topics include leadership traits and characteristics, leading when not in charge, leading through change/uncertainty/chaos, creating and leading teams, effective leadership communication, leading remote/distributed workforce, how to promote innovation, and motivating employees. We cover leadership at all levels from individual contributor to founder/CEO, and students will examine techniques required for success in various entities. Students will get a sense of how leadership impacts an organization, and how they can lead, grow, and improve to ensure their organizations are successful.



The Student Experience

Read what past students had to say about their experience in Leadership Exploration and Discovery.

Thank you for an incredible semester. I will keep in touch and let you know how I put into action my leadership learnings.

In ENGIN 183/283-003, it feels as if I’m allowed to learn to be myself first and leader second, not the other way around. This is hugely important for me. I’m a self-starter and founder, so these skills are likely as valuable as my technical capabilities.

Have never seen another instructor put so much thought, effort, and consideration into weekly assignment feedback. She really wants us to succeed and improve!

Professor Requist is an amazing lecturer, very engaging and passionate about the subject she teaches. It is obvious that she is an expert on the subject and loves to teach what she knows. She provided candid, honest and meaningful feedback on each assignment we submitted.

So helpful!! Best synthesis of theoretical practice combined with applied practice / practical assessments. As a Media Studies major majoring outside of the INDENG department, this class has proved to be more helpful than the majority of my coursework.

I loved the course and it is one of the best courses I have taken in my four years at Berkeley.

I found Professor Requist to be a very engaging, caring and effective lecturer. The course is practical in nature, and I really appreciated how I got to put in practice right away what we had learned in her class. The class was also enriched by the weekly speakers she brought, all of them experts in their fields, and authors on their subject of expertise.

A very insightful and inspiring class.



Carrie Requist

Carrie Requist is an entrepreneur who has worked at both startups and large corporates as well as an educator who has taught at UC Berkeley and Penn State University. Carrie was co-founder and CEO of U Grok It, which was acquired in April ’17 after raising two rounds of financing. She is co-creator of a US patent in RFID technology. Carrie is passionate about educating and supporting entrepreneurs. She is the mother of three adult children, and an optimist who spends her free time kayaking, skiing, and traveling. She received her MBA from the Penn State University in 2011 and her BA from the University of California, Berkeley in 1987.